Blessed are the Persecuted

Hello Lovely Family, We are at the end of the beatitudes and what a wonderful way to end. I have a lot to say but it will have to hold so you can enjoy this post. Dig in. As usual we hope this touches you to make the necessary changes in your life.

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“God bless you” I mutter as I got up from his desk

But do I really mean those words, it seems my faith is constantly being put to test.

I wish I could turn back and give in.

I really need this job.

The war in my spirit wages strong.

Go back! Go home!

“Your will be done; Your will be done”

That’s all I can say as it seems all my strength is gone.

I trudge home with pain filling my every step.

My face tells a tale of woe.

I haven’t even spoken yet I can see disappointment etched on their faces.

That was my undoing, to my room I race

The tears finally flowing;

From whimpers to full wailing

God why me! I scream, as my tears flow like a stream

I have tried my best, yet I’ve gained nothing

Given my all but still nothing!

And why? why? why me!

Because I choose to stand for my King.

I choose not to allow the world to influence my faith.

I choose to be different

And with it comes pain

I choose to stand out and with it comes suffering.

The loss of friends, relationships and earthly goods.

I say no to the riches of the world.

I say goodbye to the world and all its influences.

I ask myself this question: Would I change for anything?

Would fear of loss of earthly pleasures take me away from my God

Never! I won’t! I won’t , not for a million dollars!

I will stand firm no matter what it costs

Forever clinging to the old rugged cross

And I’m assured that for all the earthly “misfortunes ”

I’ll gain something worth way more……HEAVEN

I will dare to Stand out.


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Blessed are the Peace Makers

Hello Lovely Family, We are gradually coming to the close of this series #Beatitudes and today’s post is about the Peacemakers and I love this post because it’s suspense filled and passes the message in a subtle manner but it hits you that this is you to a perfect ‘T’. Dig in.

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I race into my drive way terribly upset,

Barely acknowledging all the neighbourhood greetings and hype

That guy is so lucky I’ve changed I mutter to myself as I shut my car door forcefully,

Okay… it was more of a shout than a mutter.

But can you blame me!

Well maybe a little.

I should just have walked away from my pride

Acted my acclaimed Christianity rather than shouted it

And for what?

A situation that wasn’t even mine in the first place.

I claimed to myself that I was helping

But I wasn’t

I told myself it was my duty to make things better, but I didn’t

In fact, I made things worse!

Instead of being neutral I picked a side and made it known

Instead of being loving, I passed judgement

When I wasn’t being listened to, I raised my voice



Till my scream silenced everyone.

Panting I told them my bit and left in annoyance

Thoroughly spent and utterly upset

More at myself than any other.

I remember his words

Like knife to my heart

“look at you, and you call yourself a Christian. You’re a “tush” agbero girl!”

Me? Agbero!!  I exclaimed.

“Yes You!” He shouted back and added rather disdainfully “You are no better than the rest”


I felt dead that instant

But I know he is not far from the truth

I was supposed to be that voice of reasoning

But I became just another unwanted voice

Like every other person

How do I expect to be different, when I am not acting different?

How do I expect to be called a child of God?

When instead of choosing peace, I choose aggression

When I felt the need to always be right and heard

When I decided my own Christianity does not condone rubbish

Never hesitating to fight back and clapback

I was wrong

They are wrong

Embracing peace doesn’t make me the weaker person;

Walking away from provocation doesn’t make me timid.

Staying silent doesn’t make me dumb;

Overlooking doesn’t make me stupid

Some may not understand

Men may mock me for choosing peace

They’ll call me timid, fearful and an embarrassment

They’ll hurl insults for being docile.

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This defines this beatitude in the best possible way

But I am not any of these.

I am a child of God

I will choose peace even when I don’t feel like it

I’ll make sacrifices for the other party

I’ll swallow my words of anger and speak calmly and lovingly,

I’ll pray for those who curse me and help those who hate me

I’ll lose my judge’s cap and embrace my prayer garment

I will love those who go out of their way to pick a fight with me

I will always choose peace.


For I, like my father, am a peacemaker!


God bless you all abundantly.

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Blessed are the pure in heart

Hello Lovely Family, This post is straight-forward. It is the desperate cry of a soul that has recognized its inadequacies, is humble and has mourned over his sins. It is from the heart that has submitted to God and hungers for God to show him Mercy and thirsts for Righteousness. This is the cry of the soul that has promised full allegiance to God. This has been not only inspiring for us but soul-searching for me especially with today’s post. Dig in

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Purge me!

Purge me again!!

And again!!!

Take it all out,


the hate, my sins.

the flaws,my scars.

No longer will I hold on-

To the grudge that I may bear.

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Purify me!

Purify my heart!!

Purify me thoroughly!!!

Take it all away-

The pains, my shame.

The fears, my cares.

Take it all out!

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To have a heart that is pure, we need to empty our hearts and allow the Lord to fill us

Empty me!

Empty it all!!

Empty my heart!!!

From the wrongs and the not so wrong.

From the crooked paths that leads to destruction.


On bended knees,

Without any doubts at all,

My sincere desire I plead for-

Purify my heart that I may be like you.

Make my heart your dwelling place.


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Till we see next week, remain in Christ.

Blessed are the Merciful

Hello Lovely Family It’s Easter and what better way to celebrate than to ponder on God’s mercy towards us. Now dig in


I am not a sinner.
I am not like this adulterer.
I pay my tithe. I give to the needy.
This person or that person is a sinner.
He or she is in need of God’s mercy.

That man is a thief.
Kill him! Maim him!
Teach him a lesson so that in his next life he would not be tempted to steal again.
You go on jungle justice rampage.
Mercy means nothing to you.
They have to pay for their actions.

On and on you go casting aspersions on people.
They deserve no mercy.
Yet you sin against God, those secret sins that the mere mention of it would make men cringe their face in shame.
He offended you.
What he did hurt to your soul.
You won’t forgive him.
She killed something in you with her words.
How dare she come to apologise to you.
You owe her no mercy.


Yet you mouth the words of the Lord’s prayer day in day out: ‘forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sinned against us’ condemning yourself with each breath.

Mercy flows from Mercy.
To receive mercy you must give mercy.
To be merciful is to show forgiveness and compassion to those who we often feel are undeserving of our Mercy.
We are all undeserving of God’s mercy.
Yet again and again His Mercy triumphs over Justice.
He stands as merciful Father rather than a Just Judge.
Mercy is a quality of God who forgives when we offend him.
Salvation in itself is God’s greatest act of Mercy.
When we show Mercy, we become more and more like God.
Life and each second chance that it brings is an act of Mercy from God
So why will you think another person is not deserving of that same mercy you so desperately need.

Mercy comes from a soul that has first acknowledged its spiritual emptiness, come to terms with its own imperfections in humility, mourned over its sins, has learnt to submit to God and to hunger for God to satisfy us with the righteousness that we need to live each day.

When we are able to recognise that we are imperfect beings, broken and in constant need of God’s mercy, it becomes easier to show others mercy.
Mercy comes from Mercy, our Mercy to each other comes from God’s mercy to us.

We owe everything to God
All we have and are is as a result of the divine, free and underserved Mercy of God.


The person who is merciful will be blessed because God’s mercy will be shown to Him.

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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness

Hello Lovely family, We are so in love with this series #Beatitudes and we are at the half mark of the beatitudes and they all flow into themselves. So settle down and let these words sink in.

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Only God fills us up


Another day gone!

This isn’t life, I muttered to myself

How did I get to this? I need help!

All I feel is fatigue and frustration

I need help to get out of this situation.

Only I don’t know what the issue is.

Out of what exactly? You might ask

All I ever wanted, now I have

All I: prayed for

Longed for

Cried for

Begged for

Strived for

Hungered for

Fought for……. I have

I can’t really place how I feel.

I have it all, yet I feel so empty.

Why are the things I craved for no longer exciting?

Why do I feel this deep thirst for more?

Everything that excited me is now a bore

The truth is I know what’s missing…. I like many have:

Spat on the cross in pursuit of jobs,

Played dirty games to acquire fame,

Abounded in sin, yet expecting grace to stay same,

Forgotten our Lord and clinged to little gods

…. money, power, women et al

But none of this can satisfy us,

Cause when we attain, we’ll still thirst for more





Hunger and thirst for more! For that which cannot fill

Forgetting righteousness, that which never leaves us empty

Chasing material things…vanity!

The result is usually calamity

Cause we’ll never be filled chasing life,

We can never catch up…till we die

The only way we can ever be truly filled

Is if our hunger is for righteousness.

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A simple prayer

This hunger and thirst comes from the fact that although we know that Christ has forgiven us from all our past mistakes and sins, we are still far from where we should be.

Only God can satisfy our deepest longings and desires

Only Him can fill the void that exists within us.

In Him we are complete, made whole, filled till we are over-pouring.


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Blessed are the meek

Hey Lovely Family. Thanks for staying with us thus far and continue to stay with us. Dig in.

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I am meek,
To some I am a doormat to be trampled upon.
To many I am stupid and should be Taken for granted.
To others I am spinless and can be ignored where many want to be seen.
But I am meek;
I cannot deny that I have suffered,
I have been treated badly,
I have been challenged,
Tempted to give-in,
To give up.
But still I am meek,
I have been provoked,
My humility tossed in my face.
I have been punished;
For my sins and for those of others.

I have had to control my strength,
Even when it was raging like wild fire.
I have had to bite my tongue,
Had to bridle it when it had a lot to spit-out.
I remain meek still,
My eyes set on the prize,
Far it may seem,
Timeless it may be,
Hopeless it may feel.


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Meekness is strength brought under control. it’s submitting to God.

But I have chosen this path,
My path,
To be meek,
Humble and Gentle.
I chose to submit,
I have nothing that is truly mine
Except for the cross that I have to bear.
My prize I shall win-
This is my reward
For my lowly heart-
The earth I shall inherit.


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Blessed are those Who Mourn

Hello Lovely Family. It is a brand new week and I am super excited to present today’s post. We are still on the series #Beatitudes. Today’s post resounds deeply with me, it’s the cry in my spirit. It is the constant struggle to go the right way. We are all broken people and only God can comfort and fix us. So the virtue from the post is #SorrowforSins We must first acknowledge the errors of our ways before we can ask God for healing. Dig in.

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Christ promises comfort to all who mourn and Yes even to those who grief for the loss of a loved one.


I am a sinner.

Yes, I acknowledge it.

I have run away from that fact for far too long,

But I am tired of running.

What was I thinking in the first place that I could hide from you.

You who knit me in my mother’s womb and knew me before I became.

You who knew every moment of my life and owned the entire universe.

How did I think I could hide from you?

I am ashamed Lord.

Shame and guilt; those two emotions that I am too familiar with.

How can I look at you?

How can I with the same lips I use to curse and profane your words call you Father.

How do I come before your throne and confess the same sins that I confessed yesterday?

Just yesterday Lord I was saying I was sorry for making the death of your son a sham, I told you that I was home, no longer a slave to sin and you welcomed me home.

But today I am back.

Look at me a child of the King, wearing shame like an apparel, my robes are tattered and I stink with the dirt of my sins.

I have rationalized my sins, making excuses for the sins intentionally committed but my conscience condemns me.

It forces me to look at myself and I stand and look in the mirror and I don’t know this person I have become.

I wonder: ‘How can I not love you enough because if I did I would not continually offend you.’

If I loved you like I should, I would love you not only with my lips but with my life and actions.

How can I treat so carelessly the sacrifice of the cross?

Who am I Lord that you love me?

Who am I that you continually forgive and welcome me back.

What is it about me that makes you love me so much even when I don’t love me.

Who am I Lord that you forgive and do not remember again.

I am sorry Lord.

Tears this time will not be enough.

There is deep sorrow in my heart.

You see the often not so sincere attempts that I make.

You see the sham of a repentance that I offer you.

You know when the words I speak to you are mere words.

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We are all sinners in need of God’s mercy

I am tired Lord.

I am tired of sinning against you.

I am tired of running from your presence.

I am sorry for continually offending you.

I am sorry for not loving you enough.

I am sorry for placing others above you; for wanting to please others without serving you for whom I was created to serve and love.

I mourn for my sins. I mourn for the disgraceful way I have treated you.

I am sorry that I have tossed your love by the way side.

I am back Lord this time for good.

I am broken Lord, Fix me.

Heal my brokenness.

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Only the broken need fixing

I offer you my heart, my soul, my body

I offer you this temple of yours created by you.

No matter how good my intentions are, this road is one I cannot go alone.

Go with me. I surrender my mind, soul, heart, body, will and intellect to you.

Use me Lord. Comfort me Lord.

Pardon the guilt of my sins.

Let me able to raise my head up and worship in your presence again.

Give me the grace and strength to serve you as I should.

Let these words be my guide: ‘Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.’

Comfort me Lord.


May God bless you all abundantly. See you all next week.