Conversations with God—Dolapo

We are excited to continue this series titled: #ConversationswithGod. It’s for us a chance to have a sincere heartfelt conversation with our Father who is both loving and merciful. For everyone who has asked us what they should write about, we have had one question for them: If you could see God this minute face to face sitting beside you what would you tell him, are there questions you would ask Him or it would just be thanking him for everything. We are not looking for flowery words or an English Thesis. All we want is sincerity in the hope that someone who reads this is inspired to change, to live right. Our prayer is that we come to an enlightenment of all that our Father has in store for us. Our very second letter is from an amazing friend, while it is not as long as our usual articles, the humor is one that leaps at us and we pray that God sees this too. We know He does, now dig in.

Dear God,

It’s me again. Thanks for the other day, if you did not send that Angel, God(You) know I would be doomed. Anyway, I know I don’t need to write to You because You know how I feel but I just need to let it out. I know most times I may come as ungrateful but I really am grateful; I am just a glutton for being better. If I had a penny/new brain cell for everytime You got me out of serious trouble/death, I would be richer/wiser than Solomon. I guess what I am trying to say is I would be nothing without You. I have come so far and the thought of messing up sometimes scares the HELL out of me(pun intended 😁) but the thought of how much You love me calms me down. Thank You for putting me in a position where I can help out when I am needed and also, many thanks for putting me around good people.

Oh thank You for keeping my loved ones safe too. Wow! I feel better. Good talk Boss, we should do this more often. I tried calling You a while back but You weren’t picking; Adekunle said the same thing but thank You for acknowledging the missed call though. I will talk to You later.


Oh P.S , about my better half yeah, I know You are on it and it’s not like I am rushing You but remember what we discussed? Exactly! Please take Your time because it’s the best.


See you all next week as we continue this exciting journey. Stay tuned, God bless you all and do not forget that God loves you more than you can ever imagine. Also, we will continue our new series titled: #ConversationswithGod This is us simply writing a letter to God, no flowery words, just a sincere heart talking to the father. You can send us a mail at This can be done anonymously or you can drop your name. We hope to hear from you.

Please don’t forget to drop a comment and also tell a friend to tell a friend to read. Do follow us on all social media handle @Godlywomenarising

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