God’s Masterpiece

Hello Lovely Family, this word Masterpiece has been ringing in our heads and we decided to put pen to paper. We have talked about how broken vessels can be used, we have shown how much God loves us and how that is all the assurance we need. Today on #MondayswithGWA we are solidifying this with #God’smasterpiece, we want this to sink in, it is important to understand your place in this world and to take what is yours by right. It is our earnest prayers that God stirs in our hearts-yours and ours the desire to know him and serve him better. Now dig in.

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I remember singing this song when I was growing up. It goes thus:

  “I am wonderfully made, I am fearfully made, I belong to God, I resemble Him; that is why the devil trembles whenever he hears me singing, I am God’s own, the apple of His eyes.”

Wonderfully made, fearfully made, crafted delicately by the creator of the world, formed by no human hands, blood, water, cells knitted together to create a never-before, never-to-exist-again human being, special, unique, one of a kind.

Most times we do not appreciate our own selves, we do not understand this uniqueness that makes us who we are. Isaiah 64:8 states it this way: “But you are our father, Lord. We are like clay and you are like the potter. You created us.” And some versions of the bible would end with “…we are all the work of your hand.” You are created by Him who made Heaven, earth and all that is in it, he created everything that ever existed and He created you too, fashioned from his own being, made in his own image and likeness, a Masterpiece. You are the greatest work of God, made with the highest possible standards, his crowning achievement, the one person he looks at and says this is my child, mine, and formed from myself.

You know how parents take delight in their children that is how your creator takes delight in you. Psalm 139 vs 13 -16 says: “You created every part of me; you put me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because you are to be feared; all you do is strange and wonderful. I know it with all my heart…” God makes no mistake, he does not create junk, you are not a product of happenstance, planned or not, he has a plan for your life right from the moment when he knit you in your mother’s womb.

You are a constant work-in-progress, not perfect. This is a process that will take all of your life time on earth to accomplish. Many a time you look at your life and all you can see is chaos, the flaws, the imperfections, the things not working out, the lines not falling into places, the things that need to be changed, the lack of what the world terms beautiful, the scars that often define how we look, all the little things that make us the unique person we are, but oh if you can see yourself the way God sees you, oh if you can look at yourself through the eyes of the father and see yourself as God’s work of art, His Masterpiece. God sees all us as we really are warts, weaknesses, failures, flaws and all, he is not blind to your flaws instead he loves you as you are. He looks at you and says you are beautiful, treasured, cherished, loved and I have called you by name; you are mine.

Do you hear the possessiveness in these words: ‘You are Mine!’ You need to look at yourself each day and see yourself as God sees you and when you are able to do that you will see that you do not need validation from anyone. I understand that there is the pressure to fit in, to belong, to conform. There are challenges everywhere, there are situations we find ourselves and we wonder how do we survive but know this, Your self-worth isn’t tied to how others see you, it does not matter if you do not fit the world’s ideal of beauty, by the miracle of your birth you already belong, you already earned a space in your own corner of the world, you matter, so walk tall, head held high, with a spring in your step because you are Royalty. You were not created to fit in, so stand out, break out of the mould, break down barriers, set new milestones, leave behind a legacy that will endure, do you know whose child you are. Let me reiterate it: ‘You are Royalty.’

So here is a self-affirmation we put down a while ago.

 “My life has meaning, I was born for a reason. There is a purpose to my existence. My father doesn’t make junk ever. My job is to discover and fulfil that purpose. I am more precious than the finest gold. I am more desirable than the rarest diamond. I am worth more than all the precious stone put together. I am Royalty, the child of THE KING. I am beautiful both inside and outside. The perfect peace of God radiates through me. For me the word impossible is not a place to stop but a starting point to overcome. When God was talking about a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, He definitely was referring to me. I am chosen, royal, holy and peculiar and I am out to sing forth the praises of my Father and King. All that God has blessed me are enough for me to succeed.”

You are Royalty, so carry yourself with Dignity for power resides in you. Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel if you were the child of a king, an earthly one; you would walk, talk and act in a different way, you would exude confidence because your father has power. Now breathe, open your eyes. Now close your eyes and imagine what it is to be the child of the all-powerful, the all-knowing King. You are royalty, as Donald Lawrence says in his song: “There is a king in you”, which you ought to listen to, you come from royalty, an aristocratic dynasty, the King in me speaks to the King in you, you were to born to rule, there is power in the words you speak so be mindful of the words you release”. I need that to sink in, you possess power, and the King lives in you.

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Masterpiece—You are perfect

You are made in the image and likeness of God, IMAGO DEI. This means that you carry within you the power of Him who has called you forth. Now act, walk and talk like Prince or Princess that you are; exude confidence, it is not pride. It’s knowing your place and taking it. You are smart, powerful, unique, special, one of a kind, equipped for greatness. Do not ever take that for granted. You can do everything through Christ who strengthens you. You can do anything you put your mind to, so do not let anyone tell you any different. Don’t let anyone bring you down with their words. Don’t believe them when they say you can’t. You can do anything. Remember whose child you are.

You were bought with the price of something expensive, the precious blood of the sinless lamb. You are that precious in the eyes of the Father. Don’t you dare forget that.

God has made you perfect, don’t ever settle for less, you are a perfect work of art- God’s Masterpiece.

See you all next week as we continue this exciting journey and our prayers is that the many lessons God has in store are learnt. Stay tuned, God bless you all and do not forget that God loves you more than you can ever imagine. Please don’t forget to drop a comment and also tell a friend to tell a friend to read. Do follow us on all social media handle @Godlywomenarising

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