The Story of One Man retold – 3

Hello lovely Family. We trust that you have anticipated the continuation of the story as much as we have and we loved writing it too. We felt every pain and sigh (don’t worry there are no spoilers). We always hope that our posts inspire you to do better and live right with God. Now dig in. 


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I’m afraid we have some bad news” more bad news! I thought, like my whole world had not just crumbled before my eyes. What more could happen, little did I know that Life as I knew it was over. I tried to lift my right hand in resignation and found out I couldn’t. I became frustrated. “Waarhh waarhh ris haapuning” I said. You guessed right, my speech had become slurred. The doctor with a look of dejection the kind I have never seen on a person less a doctor’s face proceeded to mumble a bunch of jargon (that is how they seemed to me). I managed to catch the words “hypertension, high blood pressure, partial stroke, liver infection, kidney shutting down… India, surgery, 100 million, a long road to recovery, less than 50% chance of the surgery being a success.”

He however wanted to run some more tests when I was more stable, an MRI scan to see if there was a tumor and a biopsy of the tissues of the liver and kidney to determine the extent of the damage to the kidney and liver. I had never been more scared in my life than at that moment. How? That question kept reverberating in my head. How could this happen? I ate healthy, exercised, my wife had a fitness studio and ensured that we all kept fit. I was the model man for healthy. How did I go from being healthy to been so sick in a couple of days? Why didn’t my body give me signs? How do I survive? Where do I go from here?

I shut my eyes hard, wishing it was all a nightmare, may be if I laid still it would all be a dream. I opened them slowly to still find myself confined to the hospital bed, my wife still distraught, half of my body still useless. “Is this the end Lord?” I think to myself. Different thoughts cross my mind. I remember the Bible passage “greater is the end of a thing than it’s beginning….” and I could almost swear I could hear the devil laughing at me. Oh, I could just imagine the tabloids having a field day “Multimillionaire loses all in a day” or “24 hours of calamities” or “The beginning of the Multimillionaire’s downfall” that should make a good Nollywood movie I muse sarcastically within me. I could imagine the tales that would begin to fly… they would probably conclude that I had done money rituals, and all these were a part of my bargain with the devil or a punishment for all my numerous sins. “but why?! Why Lord??! Why?” I sob within my spirit. A nurse comes to give me an injection…I feel the pain fade and sleep consume me……….

Yet sleep held no comfort, the demons I was facing followed me into my sleep. I dreamt I was locked in a cage inside a deep, fast-moving river, there was no key to unlock the cage and I couldn’t swim and was drowning. I screamed and screamed, but no one came to my aid and the instant before death took me, I woke up gasping for air. I kept waking and sleeping in fits and starts and on some days, fear held me bound and I could not sleep. My nightmares had officially started, and the dreams became a part of my daily existence. I lost so much weight during that period and became a shadow of myself.

I still had to do the tests that were to decide my fate. I had been battling with headaches and blurry visions and the doctor said it was part of the symptoms of brain cancer. I had spent 1 week in the hospital by then, finally the day came for the MRI scan. It was carried by 6:00am as I was not supposed to have eaten anything before the test like I had any appetite considering all I was facing. The whole process took about 45 minutes, I laid down on a table, a coil was placed around my head and the table moved into the tunnel. I have never been claustrophobic but inside that tunnel I felt so. I kept thinking: ‘this was not happening, I would wake up and it would all be a dream.’ After the scan, I was sedated just so I could get some rest.

In the afternoon, I had a renal and liver biopsy to determine the type of kidney disease I had. A thin biopsy needle was passed through my skin to remove kidney and liver tissue and carry out tests. The pain and discomfort I felt made me want to scream at the unfairness of the entire situation. After the tests, I was given medications and was told the results were going to be ready in a couple of days and all I had to do was rest and focus on getting better. Did I really hear the nurse say, ‘get better’? what was I getting better for, my children were gone, I had no job and I was slowly dying. What was there to live for I mused, and the answer came back to me: NOTHING!

My wife must have exhausted herself from crying as anytime I looked up all I could see was her swollen face and eyes red from pain. As I looked at her, I felt the worst was yet to come and I could not comfort her. The test was carried out on Monday and when the doctor came in that Friday morning, the gravity of the situation was etched in the lines on his forehead. There were no preambles, my heart beat increased, and I started sweating. I felt sick and I retched but nothing came up.

It’s cancer! I am sorry the doctor said.

My God, I have cancer, how? Tears streamed down my face and I felt so dejected and abandoned.

The doctor was still talking, and I had to listen. He gave a litany of all that was wrong with me. In his own words: ‘I am sorry, but you have glioblastoma multiforme, a fairly common type of brain cancer. The tests also revealed that you have benign tumors in your liver which thankfully are not cancerous and Chronic Kidney Disease which might require dialysis and a kidney transplant which are not readily available in the country. We also need to monitor your blood pressure and white cells count as the count needs to be high to effectively fight the cancer. I tuned out, but he continued. I am recommending four weeks of intense radiation therapy followed by removal of the tumor depending on the outcome of tests and a reduction in your blood pressure. Also, you would need to start treatment for the kidney disease, I suggest we start with dialysis immediately and raise the monies needed for a kidney transplant, the brain surgery and the liver surgery. We need to see a reduction in your blood pressure so as not to strain the muscles of your heart. There is need to watch out for seizures as they are part of the symptoms of brain cancer and could lead to death if not checked. I would be giving you Divalproex, to control the seizures. The drugs could lead to personality changes and slurred speech. The total cost should be within the range of 100 – 150 million given the magnitude of the treatment required and the cost of rehabilitation.

I cried till I was spent. Life as I knew was officially over. I thought of what I could do to raise the funds, I knew my medical insurance could not cover it. I wondered how God could bring me to this point after I had faithfully served him. He obviously didn’t care about me or maybe I had done something wrong and was being punished for it. I was discharged and asked to return in four days to start the radiation therapy and to carry out a dialysis.

I went home and on my second day at home, I had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. Luckily, I got to the hospital on time and the doctor was able to control the seizures. He said I needed to do carry out another MRI scan immediately. I was so scared and the look on my wife’s face echoed my own fears. I was admitted and the next morning the results were out. It was as the doctor had feared, the tumor in my brain was growing aggressively and something had to be done urgently.


Thanks for sticking with us and reading. The story will hopefully come to an end next week until then stay with us. May God bless you all abundantly. Do follow us on all our social media handles @Godlywomenarising. Please drop a comment, like and share.

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  1. Chidinma Ibemere · October 31, 2018

    I am sincerely waiting for the end. Kudos for the journey so far.


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