The Story of One Man retold – 2

Hello lovely Family. We trust that you have anticipated the continuation of the story and we loved writing it too. We felt every pain and sigh (don’t worry there are no spoilers). We always hope that our posts inspire you to do better and live right with God. Now dig in.

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Oh, how tragedy struck!!

It started like a dream, a very bad dream!

My children were coming back home from school, they had called before boarding the flight and were excited about coming home. My wife was beyond herself with joy. Overdoing it in the kitchen, I mean we were expecting 4 kids home not our entire village! But what do I know… Women and their need to prepare extensively. I was happy too as we had not seen the kids in months. I had to tell her to hurry or find her way (I always threaten to leave her but never do, isn’t that the story of all men!)

“Oh Joy! At this rate the children will grow old waiting at the airport” I exclaim with something between admiration and resignation which earned me an eye rolling session. I get a funny feeling in my gut but brushed it off and rushed to the car with Joy still fumbling with the flower arrangements.

Let me pause to tell you about my . Joy and I wanted 4 children and that was exactly what we got. Two handsome boys and two beautiful girls (yes, two sets of twins). I have always wanted twins and was so happy that God granted my request (our request) not once but twice. We had our boys after 2 years of marriage as we wanted to spend time together and enjoy our marriage before we started a family (I know man proposes and God disposes, but God answered us just as we requested. Are we not so blessed); 4 years after we had our gorgeous boys we decided to try again, and God blessed us yet again with my princesses.  Everything I wanted, everything I needed God had given to me and our children meant everything to us.

The boys were finally graduating from the University and my princesses had also just finished their first year in the university and were coming home together to spend the holiday. They had decided on a big road trip and a fabulous holiday that I’m sure had plans of making my account balance blink but that’s why I work as hard as I do. If they don’t spend my money, who will? It’s finally going to be a full house again and we can’t wait. We finally leave the house and drive to the airport, we get there just in time (Lagos traffic and the stress but the thought of seeing my kids more than make up for it.)

We move towards the arrival section again and I have this funny feeling again, only this time my eyes are greeted with a funny sight. I see lots of people running helter-skelter, people crying and wailing. The feeling becomes fear, I should have prayed when I first had the feeling, but I didn’t, I had convinced myself that it was nothing probably just excitement. I tell myself that it could not be, a plane could not have crashed. It probably was not the plane my kids were on. No way could anything have happened to my angels but deep down when I thought about it later, I knew they were gone but I was in shock. My whole world had just come crashing down on me. I rush to find an attendant “the flight from London please?”. It was due to arrive 30 minutes ago” She looked at me with distant eyes like she could not bring herself to speak about the horror that my life was about to become. I was still trying to understand what was happening when we spotted my daughters’ best friend’s parents. We rush to greet them when they broke the news…. The plane had crashed just before landing and there were no survivors! Everything around me became distant. I lost every sense of feeling, barely saw my wife collapse in pain, barely felt the tears roll down my eyes, barely felt anything at all… and all at once the pain hit me! I remember screaming “Jesus! Jesus!! Oh God!!!!!! No!!!” My wife wouldn’t stop screaming and I had no words of comfort. How do I begin to comfort her when I was lost, lost in the nightmare that had suddenly become my life? I lost all 4 children…26 years gone in a few minutes. Just like that! Why me?! Why??

I have no idea how we got home but I found we had and there was more bad news (just like in the movies, troubles they say come in threes) somehow my company had folded up and I was out of a job. Really? Really???  I knew things were difficult but for them to be bankrupt and the company distressed was more than I could bear. I stared at the letter in my hands for so long and the only thought in my head was how do I cope. Yes, I had savings and a couple of investments in both real estate and stocks. I could start life again and then it dawned on that I had no children to work for and the next thing I knew I was in the hospital….

I had fainted, and my wife had rushed me to the hospital. The doctor came in and said he had ran a couple of tests and the results didn’t look good. All I could think of was how bad could it be when all I had worked for had vanished in the twinkle of an eye. The doctor took with his next words all hope of living that I had.


Stay tuned and just may be we will conclude next week. God bless you all abundantly.

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  1. Chidinma Ibemere · October 22, 2018

    Oh GWA! Why this suspense? I had already relaxed to finish the story….


    • Godly Woman · October 22, 2018

      Thanks you darling. We will think about it for the next post.


  2. Chidozie · October 22, 2018

    Sighs** I’m going to have a nightmare.


    • Godly Woman · October 22, 2018

      Nightmare how, the Lord gives his beloved sleep. The suspense is killing right, we know. Hold on.


  3. Sylva Elendu · October 22, 2018

    This is so sad. Simply sad.


    • Godly Woman · October 22, 2018

      What is sad, the story or the fact that we didn’t finish
      Thanks for reading


  4. jerrycolman · October 24, 2018



    • Godly Woman · October 25, 2018

      Thanks Jerry for stopping by. So what is the hmmmm for


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