Hello lovely Family. As always it is a pleasure writing and having you read. There are quite a lot of images and nuggets that talk about fear and us having to deal with and face that fear. I will do a photo collage of the ones we feel will be of benefit to everyone. Fear as with all negative emotions cripples a person. Enough talk, now dig in.


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Oh No! Look what you made me do!

I am different, different from who I was meant to be.

I am a prisoner subjected to the 4-walls of my very imagination!

I am torn, trapped between the known and the unknown!

My safe abode has been the only abode I have ever known.

My wings, clipped behind my back, far from the reach of my very hands.

The night has come, when I will again tap the sole of my feet to the rhythm from the drum.

I have danced to this one beat all my life, I would never have it different.

Shackled by invisible chains of fear, strung to a circle I called my haven.

“Take me back!!!!”I cried

To the days when I had no fear and I was as brave as a lion!

To the moment I took my first step without fearing how hard I would fall on my face.

Take me to when I would shatter my mother’s favorite plate and would still walk up to her with the broken pieces in my hand.

I want to be free, free from the tight grip of fear on me.

It has feasted on my heart so long that I fear that I do not have one any more.

My confidence trampled upon so hard that I do not believe in my abilities anymore.

Let me go, I am no longer a slave to you


Why are you not able to do what you should do?

What stops you from achieving that dream?

Why are you so scared of moving?

Why does fear tie you down?

Fear of failure, of rejection, of being mocked and laughed at?

Is that it?

Is that why you choose to remain where you are when you can be so much more?

You have listened to that voice of doubt for so long that you no longer trust in your capabilities.

Oh, they would laugh at me, I would fail, I don’t think I can do it, I don’t even know where or how to start.

On and on you going belittling yourself, doubting the power that resides inside you.

Fear cripples, it leaves you totally handicapped, unable to take a single action because you fear the outcome.

You have forgotten whose child you are; forgotten what Christ says in Philippians 4:13 that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you


Not by power, neither by your might but by the Spirit of God that dwells in you.

Jeremiah 29: 11- 12 beautifully sums up God’s promise to us: ‘I alone know the plans I have for you, plans to bring you prosperity and not disaster, plans to bring about the future you hope for. Then you will call to me. You will come and pray to me, and I will answer you.

All you need to do is to trust in that word and trust requires faith; faith and fear cannot co-exist.

So yes, things might not always work out.

You will fall, people who don’t understand will mock you.

You will be hurt, you will fail at certain things, yet you will rise again and that is dependent on you deciding to rise above your fears and pasts.

So, don’t let fear stop you from getting that promotion, that new job, of doing some of the seemingly mundane things, of speaking up.

Is it going to be difficult? Are there times when the temptation to give up will be so strong?



Yet you owe it to yourself to try and try again.

You have two options, fight or flight

Choose to fight every time.


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Here is the photo collage.

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Depression is real and even someone who is constantly chatty and upbeat could be going through difficult times. Reach out to people and if you are going through difficulties, talk to someone, seek counselling. Do something, move from that position, get therapy, pray, anything other than remaining where you are.

He walks with a smile on his face but out of sight is this burden that threatens to pull him under.
What can he do? Who can he run to? Who will understand and give a listening ear? Who will provide a solution to his problem? How does he even begin to explain something he doesn’t even understand.

He, who is the life beat of a party, the supposed ‘happening guy’.
How does he explain that it’s just a facade, a means to hide a pain so deep it consumes him.
He is on the very brink of insanity; peace eludes him.
He knows what madness feels like, not the running in the street kind.
It was the kind that left you bereft of words, it snuck up on you and left you helpless.
The despair followed him into his dreams and sleep offered no comfort.
Life to him had become an endless maze with myriad of twists and turns.
He moves ahead only to meet a brick wall and he questions himself.
What more can I do that I haven’t done? Why does happiness elude me?
Why do I feel so close to feeling it and then it disappears?
Why has pain become my food and tears my drink? I am tired!
I push the pain back, you can’t swallow me up, I have learnt a long time ago to compartmentalise my life, hide the pain, so no one sees, it’s not like they care anyways, so I put the pain into that compartment that holds all the pains and anguish that I cannot deal with and pushed them back into the farthest recess of my heart.
I am broken, lost, cannot seem to find my way, too tired to even try.
Keep busy, may be that would take away the pain but not this time, I taste the salt in my tears, I struggle to keep my screams inside and I bite deep on my inner lips and I feel the metallic taste of my own blood.
My head tells me: ‘Do something, anything. Just don’t put your mind on the pain and may be just maybe you will feel alright again’.
Am I unworthy of love? Why do I feel so unwanted and unloved? Why does it feel like there is no end in sight to this tunnel that is my life. Pull me, push me, be this, do this and I struggle to please everyone.
I have lost myself. I look in the mirror and I can’t recognise me. Who am I? What is my purpose? Why was I born? My head screams for answer and always the tears roll down my eyes.
I taste happiness just before it flies away an elusive dream. Be strong they say. You will be fine He says. It’s all an experience. You will truly smile one day and all this pain will be worth it.
I can’t pray. How do I even begin when it feels like He is punishing me. So answer me why can’t I find happiness. Is there something I have done wrong to deserve this pain? Is there a lesson in all of this? What message am I to take away from this unending season of pain?

Life holds no joy for him and everyday is an up hill battle; yet he must smile and walk tall with his head, shoulders straight like He has no care in the world for that’s what society expects.

But he is tired of living a lie, a sham.
Pain is etched into his very being.
Every time he remembers, the pain becomes a physical ache and it hurts and yet he smiles.
From where does he begin to explain?
How does he put them into words, when he cannot find a name to give this feeling he feels.
He labours and toils, but there is nothing to show for it.
He has peripheral success but there is no fulfilment, no sense of achievement.
He feels stuck in one place and he thinks to himself that if he were superstitious he would have said someone in his village or his enemies were at work.
He had no enemies to speak of, he was everyone’s go-to guy.
If someone had asked him, he would have said he was loved by all.
Yet there was no one out of the multitude he could talk to, no one that could see beyond the smiles and ‘I am fine’ to a deeper problem.
He has thought of taking his life so many times, simply putting an end to this sham of an existence, something painless and quick.
He thinks of using a gun but his whole being abhorred violence.
May be drugs would do but still he couldn’t bring himself to take that last step.
Thinking of death makes him remember his parents.
Could he do this to them? Could he bring himself to throw their lives into turmoil?
How would they survive? He was their only child.
How would they feel about their son, the apple of their eyes committing suicide.
He could imagine the whisperings of people as they passed by: ” Don’t you know that woman, it was her son that took his own life, he used drugs.”
But damn society, it’s demand for keeping up appearance had brought him to this place where he no longer had an identity.
He could imagine the pain his mother would have to go through.
Although he knew others had worse problems, he couldn’t bring himself to care.
Empathy had no taste in his mouth.
Death would be better.
He tries to imagine how committing the suicide would look like but something stops him in his track.
He thinks: “where would yonder future find him?”
It’s been ages he last prayed; he couldn’t remember the last time he stepped foot in a church.
He had forgotten God; Life and the pursuit of money had taken priority.
He remembers his mother and all she used to say; it seems a long time now.
She used to tell him of how God was close at hand; of how He was a refuge and a stronghold, a mighty bulwark where his people ran into and felt safe.
He didn’t know what safe meant any longer.
Life had left a sour taste in his mouth and all the booze in the world couldn’t erase the taste.
He decided to give God one more try and pray.
The words sound rusty but he tries.
He says: “I know you listen and I know you see everything. I am tired of doing this my own way. Every morning is a struggle to breathe, to live, to love, to smile, to be happy. I am tired of fighting. Giving up would be so easy. Didn’t they say to take each day as it came. But I want more out of life. I want to be truly happy. I want to love and be loved in return. I want to be secure in the knowledge that you my father loves me. I want my entire life to be an act of worship. I want to serve you with my life. I want others to see you in me. So many things I want but right now the pain I feel is overwhelming. I have become weak from fighting this battle on my own. I am depressed and despair has become my middle name. Life has no meaning for me and I think death would be a more preferable fate because I cannot call this thing I am living a life. I move from day to day without hope. I work and toil with nothing to show it. I question why you made me, why you put me in this world and left me to my own devices?”
He wants to say more but his throat is clogged with tears; tears he had held back for as long as he could remember. He had been too strong for far too long and it was finally time to lay it down at the feet of the master.

He prays some more: ‘Hold me tight, hold me secure in the arms of your Love, call me the Beloved of the Father, teach me to seek you again, to find succour in your words, to learn to trust in you, to know that though I do not understand the process, all things work unto good to them that love the Lord.”

He picked up his bible, blew the dust that had gathered for years and started reading. His eyes falls on a passage of how God asks his people to trust him completely; that he was their healer and strength; that all they needed was the faith of a mustard seed.
He didn’t he could do it; this letting go, this total submission to the will of another. That was what faith demanded of him.
He had tried it his own way for too long and it had gotten him no where. He considered the pros and the cons and decided he really didn’t have much to lose by letting go.
He decided to take a leap of faith and hand over everything to his creator, the one who formed in his mother’s womb and knew him through and through.
Once that decision was made, he felt years lighter. He knew he had made the best decision of his life. He knew he could finally trust Him whose love is forever abundant.

And the Father’s response came to him in the words of Isaiah 43: 18-19
‘Do not cling to events of the past or dwell on what happened long ago. Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already—you can see it now! I will make a road through the wilderness and give you streams of water there.’
That’s the promise He is holding unto.



The promise of God is a promise you can hold unto. God doesn’t lie or go back on his words and yes it might not be depression you are going through but be rest assured that God knows you through and through and He is ready to take over everything as long as you are willing to drop all your burden at his feet. Trust that he never fails. His words in Jeremiah says for I know the thoughts and plans I have for you.

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The Audit

Dear Family, this is the first Monday of the month and what better than to start this on a note of introspection. Most of us are all guilt of not always having time. As usual we hope that this causes you to think and reflect on your life and make the necessary changes. Now Dig in:

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“I’ll call you back later, I’m at work and it’s quite busy”

“On a Sunday!” my friend exclaims

“I’ll call you” I snap as I hastily dismiss another friend’s call

I have been making a lot of such promises for a while,

“I’ll call you, I’ll get back to you, give me a minute, give me five minutes…”

I could almost hear my inner man sigh, but I couldn’t care

Not now!

Another audit is due anytime now, we must prepare!

It’s a Sunday but it feels as overwhelming as a Monday after a two days public holiday

We have to review all our books and ensure we are ready,

We have to go over everything we have done and ensure there are no lapses

We have to correct every error we have made

We have to check each other’s files to ensure we are all ready,

Everyone one is tensed

We have been having self-audits for weeks now

My staffs are tired, but they keep pushing

No one wants to be found wanting.

It’s quiet, everyone is busy

Then suddenly someone exclaimed “wetin! We no even prepare for rapture as we dey prepare for this audit”

We all laughed, and everyone relaxed.

I shook my head, dried the tears that slipped from the laughter and continued my work.

I got home and prepared to sleep when it really dawned on me

I am working hard at the wrong goal, pursuing fast in the wrong direction.

My prayers had gotten shorter and shorter…I skipped them on some days and just said thanks on my drive to work.

I had become an August visitor in my father’s house, fiddling with my phone on the few occasions I managed to be in attendance.

Worshipping only when I get the chance and even that was done with me checking the time and wishing the service to go faster,

Watching 30seconds posts by pastors on Instagram had become my devotion.

I assuaged the guilt in my soul by telling myself that I was still listening to God’s words.

I struggled with watching the post and scrolling to keep up with the recent happenings.

I had no time or, so I thought but truth be told, I had time for social media and other frivolities.

It got worse because of my preparations for the audit

But I have come to the realisation that this life is only temporal

All these things we are chasing won’t last forever, they are all ephemeral.

The rewards are not worth losing heaven over,

Sometimes we are even denied the reward,

Man’s scale is not always just

So, in all my pursuits I must not lose sight of what is most important

That is the heavenly audit

Where I will have to give an account of all I have been given: my life, time, wealth, family and friends

Where I will have to justify how I took care of these, where it will be decided if I misused any

I need to do a periodic regular self-audit of my spiritual life,

I need to keep checking all that I have done against Christ who is the standard

Correct every error, check to see that I am firmly standing.

Ensure there are no lapses,

Ensure nothing is out of place

I always need to ensure that I am prepared for the most important audit of all




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