Awww. This is the first post this month. We are so sorry and we promise to do better. We have missed you all tremendously and we are back and yes better. Monday mornings with #GWA is here to stay. We would be talking about #GROW. You want to know what exactly this means; now read:

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The word evokes a lot of images in my mind but foremost is the image of a seed planted, watered, weeds cleared, manured and cared for till it springs forth new life. It grows from a seed to a seedling, and on and on it gets to the fruit that we can see and eat. Same thing for the human person.

You cannot stay in one spot or you will stagnate. You need to constantly water yourself, feed yourself with necessary nutrients needed to ensure that you become all that you were meant to be. You are meant to be the best version of yourself, to use all the gifts God has placed in your hands.

Improve yourself, learn new things.


Do not remain at a place when things are not working out



Growth is not often an easy journey We as human like the known, the safety of comfort zones, the familiarity of rituals. You know that saying that you cannot keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. That is true. You cannot want to be the world’s greatest football player, artist or whatever it is that your dream is and refuse to do nothing or keep doing the same average thing and expect magic to happen. Move, do something.

Growth comes from action. So, you might keep hearing this ‘Grow’ but if you don’t take any action you will remain at the same level you have always been at. Improve yourself, read wide and broad, get a mentor if that helps, do the things that you are afraid of, challenge yourself. I love that Peak advert that says: ‘It’s in you’ and I wholeheartedly believe that it is in you. Everything you need to succeed in life has been given to you from birth, none of us comes to the world empty handed, God gives his gifts to us, all that is left is for us to nurture it, water it and allow it grow.

Opportunities they say come but once and luck is often preparation meeting opportunity. You need to equip yourself adequately.  So, I was doing a research and I saw something on how to grow in faith and it lists out four steps:


  • Hearing the word.
  • Believing the word.
  • Taking the word. (by owning the word and keeping it in your sight)
  • Acting on it

To read more, click Here

This holds true for all facets of our life. You cannot remain a baby forever, spoon-fed and led by the hands. You must grow, or you stagnate and die. You cannot keep wallowing in ignorance, as I said earlier you need to feed your mind, nurture your mind. This quote beautifully captures it

“Focus your conscious mind on things you desire, not things you fear. Doing so brings dreams to life.”
~ Unknown

Believe in the process, Rome was not built in a day. You didn’t sleep one night as a child, and the next morning woke up as a full-fledged adult. It takes time, consistency and perseverance to reach our goals. Then act on it. Act like you are already the person you see yourself becoming in the future.

Own the process of your growth, every step of the way congratulate yourself for milestones achieved. Don’t give up no matter what challenges or obstacles you might encounter.


In all things, GROW!


See you all next week as we take you on an exciting journey. Do you know what we will be discussing? Stay tuned and God bless you all. Do follow us on all social media handle @Godlywomenarising


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