Grass to Grace…The Story of a Reluctant Nigerian Church Girl…Our Dysfunctional Relationship

Hello Lovely Family. We are continuing  with our story from last week on the  series titled #GrasstoGrace. It’s Christian fiction that depicts real life situations; the struggles that often go on in our lives and the often rough road to grace. What matters most is that Grace finds us and our lives become a testimony. Dig in:

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My first year of high school I was sent to an only girls missionary school..that should help my relationship with God right?


It only made things worse. I was constantly struggling with peer pressure, academics and spirituality…I was almost initiated into lesbianism but God had a deliverance strategy. He used sickness and negligence on my school’s part to remove me from such toxic environment. I spent the rest of high school in a somewhat sane environment that provided everything  (some would say we were spoilt)

High school was always God reaching out to me and me constantly avoiding him (like the boyfriend who won’t let you breathe. The one who loves you with all his being, you know so you take him for granted ) I wanted to prove I could have it all…

I would go to church on Sunday and spend the whole servicing criticizing everything…the way the choir sang or the length of the sermon. Save to say Sunday was not my favorite day of the week.

High school was a blur with me performing less than expected as I was always distracted  (by perfumes and boys ). Yes, Perfume so that I could smell nice for the boys. My teachers wrote me off probably thinking I would in the nearest future end up pregnant and useless. Though I was a “virgin “ who prided herself too smart to fall. You know the R-Kelly “I’m a flirt “ was my jam that year.
Oh my parents tried…and they usually would succeed for a few days, at most weeks I  didn’t bring shame to them which I found weird because I was certain I wasn’t as bad and they were just too uptight. My only prayer was for high school to end and for me to get admission into a university far away and hopefully outside this country, where I won’t feel choked by God.


But would things go according to plan? Was I just building castles in the wind? I guess we’ll find out next week. Till then ciao!


I know you are curious as to how the story unfolds, I am too but Monday is just a week away and just may be the story might come to its peak. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

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  1. chidinmaibemere · July 9, 2018

    Not again… I had already settled to enjoy the full story today. I hope there won’t be a cut next week. The story is quite interesting!


    • helenchels · July 9, 2018

      Awwwww. Thanks Nma
      I think next week will be the end to the story..may be. *Fingers crossed*


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