Grass to Grace…The Story of a Reluctant Nigerian Church Girl…The Genesis

Hello Lovely Family. It is a new month and we are starting a new series titled #GrasstoGrace. It’s Christian fiction that depicts real life situations; the struggles that often go on in our lives and the often rough road to grace. What matters most is that Grace finds us and our lives become a testimony. This will be in parts and today we will be starting from the Genesis.

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The story of a reluctant Nigerian church Girl


Are you even ready for this? Because I definitely do not think I am, but like the African proverb this “turtle” must stick out her neck to go forward. But before I jump…

Let’s start from the beginning

Part 1: The Genesis

I grew up indifferent about God, in fact I didn’t really like Him.

Not what you were expecting right?  Ok, let me give you a minute to scratch whatever storyline you have in your head and start afresh.

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I wasn’t a fan of God. In fact, talking about church or God was a quick way to get me disinterested in a conversation.  It must have started out as rebellion…me trying to prove that my parents couldn’t control me as they wish, I wasn’t going to allow them “dictate” my life. No!

They could force me to Church on Sundays but they can’t force me to like God or become the model child they wanted. The older i got, the more disinterested I got, and even when I tried I couldn’t relate, I could not stay in the relationship for long as I was always wandering off. Why? I still can’t say.

My parents tried all they could to ensure we were all raised on the right path. They did their part, but like the African proverb, you can only drag a horse to the stream you can’t force it to drink therein.

This is only the beginning of how I became reluctant towards God, to find out how we broke up and if we eventually made up stay tuned.

Till we meet next week.

I know you are curious as to how the story unfolds, I am too but Monday is just a week away. Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.

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  1. Sillo · July 2, 2018

    Haaa…we have to wait until another monday…waoh not fair


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