The Store House—Conclusion

Hello Lovely Family, we bring you the concluding part of the Store house. Thanks for staying with us.

The tithe cannot buy you Heaven

Love the Lord your God and Love your neighbor; Christ taught us that those two were the greatest commandments and all of the Laws & Prophets hang on these two commandments (cf. Matt. 22:36-40). The words of Christ always emphasized the importance of these two aspects, the first being more spiritual and the second being corporally complementing, “for anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen” (1 John 4:20). Obeying the law has never been what matters most for Christians. Being like Christ outweighs everything. The laws (Moses) and the prophets (Elijah) were a shadow of Who is to come (Christ). Remember the story of a young rich ruler who was a professional law-abiding Jew (cf. Mark 10: 17-22). You could say he was a hard-core tither and Christ loved him because he wanted more than the blessings of life on earth. He wanted more than the windows of heaven flooding him with goodies. He wanted eternal life; that very one John, the Evangelist, talked about in the opening of His first letter which was with the Father and they beheld it as the Son (I John 1:1-4). Christ loved him very much because of his desire and told him to give 100%, neither to the Jerusalem temple nor to Judas Iscariot, the treasurer of his new ministry, but directly to the major shareholders of storehouse Inc. Ltd. Plc i.e. the Poor. Have you ever wondered why Christ didn’t just say, “I love you so much man… believe in me, keep obeying the laws, and especially, paying your tithes so you don’t miss eternal life”? This request Christ made was the most difficult of decisions and I bet you that it would be difficult today, even for some of the rich holies of our present time. It’s difficult to give 100% to the poor especially when we have so much (cf. Matt. 25: 31-46). But Christ assures us that the very act of giving to those in need among us would guarantee that we get eternal life and make it to heaven. Once again remember it’s not grudgingly or out of necessity. As much as we are motivated by our desire to imitate Christ, we are not bound by the necessity to give 100%. Not all can be heroic and Christ knew this, that is why he taught his Apostles to show us that Grace ensures that we are rewarded for trying to the best of our efforts of Love. Yet such a reward for efforts is not the case when we do not even try at all.

The New Covenant, more terrifying than the Old

Indeed, we have received grace and are beyond the curses of the Old Covenant in Moses. Most of us understand that the old has been perfected in the new for many reasons. I am a deep lover of Covenant Theology and I read a long course on the History of Salvation by Scott Hahn. In many ways I have come to terms with the fact God has fulfilled in Christ what He started with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses and David. God’s plan was to make Israel a nation of Priests (Exodus 19:6) who would teach other nations but only Levi made the cut, and even in Levi, only the line of Aaron was selected for this Holy Order. In Christ, He successfully made the new Israel a global kingdom of Priests (I Pet. 2:9) chosen to do way better than the Levitical priests could ever do. It is important to understand how all Covenants come with a Blessing for obedience and Curse for disobedience. If Israel suffered the old temporary curses from not tithing, we the Sons of God should realize that by not heeding to our Lord’s Commands in the new and everlasting Covenant to be the storehouse of God’s people, which includes the Clergy who do God’s work and, most importantly, the Poor in our midst, we risk a far more everlasting curse which is the loss of eternal life. Every time I think of Eternal life, I like to think of it the way John heard (I too want to hear), saw with his eyes (I must see), looked upon (I want to gaze upon Him in awe too), handled with his hands and bore witness to (I’ll probably be dead by then but my memory must be a witness in the world too), of the Word of Life which was with the Father (I John 1:1-4). Although Love compels us to do what we have been called to for our neighbors, the hope of seeing Eternal life as the I AM that He is would be a knowledge overload that would make my hungry soul bask in an infinite bliss of having all my questions answered. At least that’s one way I fantasize spending my eternity with Christ. This is my HOPE. Dream about whatever holy fantasy would fulfil you, it’s allowed. Lol! May the Grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be with us now and forever! Amen!


P.S. –

I would be taking you into ancient writers to better share the experience I had and to show you other sources like St. Augustine who had something to say on tithing and giving. The insights are so deep and precise but I will take out a few, though it may seem to be much, points I had taken out of the numerous points I couldn’t even finish devouring. I must warn that if your level of understanding grammatical sentences is very limiting, these quotes would sound a bit ambiguous but the more you dissect the long sentences into tinier ones, the more illuminating it would feel to realize you just read ancient texts from some of the oldest writers in our faith. Hehehehe!


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