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Hello Lovely Family, Yea today is the fourth post in a series of engaging and inspiring posts. We are gradually getting to the nitty-gritty of the #Tithing post. This post is one you should not be in a hurry to finish. You need to take your time and understand the different characters from Abraham to Jacob to Melchizedek and their roles in the #Tithing journey. Have a Bible by your side as you undertake this journey of enlightenment. Now dig in.

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Biblical Ages and Laws

This time we would briefly go through three major ages in the bible before we run through the tithes of the Patriarchs. A little more background history to help us see the picture. The Laws were given by God to Moses. But we must understand that Sin existed before the Law came and justified sin [making it more valid] (cf. Romans 7). The Laws came to be in a Covenant God made with Israel through Moses. Before Moses there was no law so sin, though in existence, did not condemn those Patriarchs who were true Sons of God. These ancient fathers whose names portrayed special qualities were known to exist in the Patriarchal Age and they were way before the law. The next was the Law Age which makes up most of the Old Testament books of the Law & Prophets. These people received the Law and were bound by it. The last period is the Age of Grace in Christ Jesus.  Rejoice for even you & I are still in that age. Those who existed before the Law are above the Law and those who existed in the age of Grace are beyond it. Feel free to let every debate run through your head. It’s a really interesting topic.

The Tithes of the Patriarchs

I started to study the tithes of those above the law to understand why, in a sense, these people who were under no obligation chose to tithe. I began to ask myself the difficult questions so I can unlock some insights into this. Who is Melchizedek and why did Abram (Heb. Exalted Father) tithe to him (Gen 14:18-20)? Secondly, I asked Why did Abram refuse to take his share of the loot despite already tithing and being entitled to it (Gen 14:22-24)? When Jacob (Heb. Swindler) saw the famously sung dream “ladder ladder ladder ladder eh…”, what made him wake up from his dream and promise he will tithe (Gen 28:10-22)? I eventually got a bit of insights but I want to point out that this exalted father and his grandson the ancient 419er didn’t need to obey any laws to be blessed because blessings were already guaranteed to them by direct promises from God, yet they felt the need to. I’ve heard prominent teachers say they did this as an act of gratitude and this is acceptable. I’m sure Abram was grateful for winning a war alone with his 3 associates against 5 mighty kings and He had an existing mysterious Priest Melchizedek who would collect his tithe. I can’t help but wonder who his swindler grandson had promised to pay tithes to in a generation when there were no priests and the only mysterious one was, perhaps, passed away. This is the depth of how I’ve had to think about these two Patriarch tithers.

Although I haven’t found more fulfilling answers, I would say that Abrams act of gratitude and selflessly giving back to those kings who had lost everything to the 5 kings was heroic. Abram giving so heroically to the point of giving his only legitimate son, guaranteed his elevation him from the exalted father Abram to Abraham (Heb. father of Multitudes). This great Patriarch has merited children who are not even of his loins because his promised Offspring (the Christ) has done something similar to what he had done on that day of tithing. He sowed a seed that has become a tree of life till this day, forever immortalizing this selfless father and giving him selfless spiritual offspring from the Offspring who would do as He has done. As for Jacob, in a sense He must have realized that tithing in gratitude would be the secret to coming into success. I can’t be too certain but all I can say is that this swindler needed a transformation for his promises to be kept. By turning swindler Jacob into Israel (Heb. Wrestled with Angel/God) and ensuring that the law of tithing is being established in his generations, God had ensured that his vows may be kept all the days of his life. I believe at this point that God has ensured the establishment of this laws this so He can continue to bless the generations of Israel through tithing. Who can say for sure?

Like I said these are my shallow interpretations of these above the Law tithers. I would take a few more pages to introduce you to the tithers of the law and their alter ego who were law breakers. I wouldn’t be answering my questions about Melchizedek because there are mysteries so deep I am afraid my answers can only be confirmed in Heaven when I behold the Eternal Life… I’m star struck! Melchizedek’s role is indeed worth contemplating for him to be entitled to a tithe at the very foundation of God’s people. I believe this priest was indeed a great father with a great name because in ancient Israel, it was customary for Priests to be fathers themselves before being fathers at the altar of YHWH. Who he is would indeed be beautiful to understand because his order (office) must have been the only existing family institution that guaranteed the Sons of God, who were above the law, knew how to worship God in spirit and truth. Shalom!


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  1. Sillo · May 12, 2018

    Interesting read….as for melchezedek, I’m also waiting for heaven to get my answers.


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