This is Easter to US

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Light springs from the cross to illuminate our hearts and remove the darkness of sin.


We wait for His Rising from the dead.

We are expectant.

We are Hopeful.

Christ who died that we might have life

Christ who loved us enough to give himself to death.

Christ who cares for us.

This song comes clearly to my head:

‘I know , I know Christ is my Lord.
I’ve come to know He died for me.
I say goodbye to the evil world.
I know my Lord will care for me.’

The cross is the focal point.  We look up to the cross and see our savior hanging for us.

The cross becomes no longer a symbol of shame but of Hope and redemption.

When He says: ‘It is Finished’, he put to death every sin, every of our past He nailed to the cross.

The cross is the best definition of Love.

It’s Christ loving you, showing you the true meaning of Love. Every act surrounding His death was steeped in Love.

His washing of the feet of the disciple showed his humility.

He still performed miracles while facing death.

He still forgave while on the cross.

Although Christ no longer hangs on a tree, yet He bleeds for us all.

Our sins cause him so much pain. We who call ourselves his friends are the ones who hurt him the most.

We praise him as they did during the triumphant entry yet we are the first to scream: ‘Crucify Him’ with our actions.

We constantly make the sacrifice of the cross a sham, constantly wallowing and roaming in sins.

These sins are not often the ones that are committed in the open, they are those secret sins that pierce the Lord’s side just as the soldier pierced his side.

Yet the same way , water and blood gushed forth from his side after the piercing, is the same way water gushes forth to wash away our stains and sins and His blood to pay the price of our iniquity.

Every year we celebrate Easter, we go through Lent with no changes to our lifestyle.

Yet Easter should be an everyday celebration because Christ rises up again and again in our lives.

Easter is this:

‘All the way to Calvary He went, bearing the cross, carrying our sins, dying a shameful death that we might not have to die. He fell and yet picked himself up. He rose again. He lives that you might live forever’

Easter is the fulfillment of God’s promise.

It’s the hope we all have as Christians

He loves you.

Yes you.

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No greater Love than this: that Christ died for us while we were yet sinners

What then is stopping you?

Why do you fall and remain where you are?

Why does loving God amount to mere lip service?

Who do you think you deceive with the insincere attempts at repentance?

Will you continue in sin that grace may abound?

Arise from where you have fallen.

Begin anew.

Walk with your limp.

Do not give up.

You are different. You are unique, one of a Kind. You are the child of the KING, the image of the perfect God.

You can do it. You can win this war. You will win this battle.

Fight, Fight and Fight some more.

The devil has no place in your life.

Sin has no hold over you unless you want it to.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step.

Dearly Beloved, keep striving until loving and serving God becomes as natural as breathing.


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Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness

Hello Lovely family, We are so in love with this series #Beatitudes and we are at the half mark of the beatitudes and they all flow into themselves. So settle down and let these words sink in.

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Only God fills us up


Another day gone!

This isn’t life, I muttered to myself

How did I get to this? I need help!

All I feel is fatigue and frustration

I need help to get out of this situation.

Only I don’t know what the issue is.

Out of what exactly? You might ask

All I ever wanted, now I have

All I: prayed for

Longed for

Cried for

Begged for

Strived for

Hungered for

Fought for……. I have

I can’t really place how I feel.

I have it all, yet I feel so empty.

Why are the things I craved for no longer exciting?

Why do I feel this deep thirst for more?

Everything that excited me is now a bore

The truth is I know what’s missing…. I like many have:

Spat on the cross in pursuit of jobs,

Played dirty games to acquire fame,

Abounded in sin, yet expecting grace to stay same,

Forgotten our Lord and clinged to little gods

…. money, power, women et al

But none of this can satisfy us,

Cause when we attain, we’ll still thirst for more





Hunger and thirst for more! For that which cannot fill

Forgetting righteousness, that which never leaves us empty

Chasing material things…vanity!

The result is usually calamity

Cause we’ll never be filled chasing life,

We can never catch up…till we die

The only way we can ever be truly filled

Is if our hunger is for righteousness.

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A simple prayer

This hunger and thirst comes from the fact that although we know that Christ has forgiven us from all our past mistakes and sins, we are still far from where we should be.

Only God can satisfy our deepest longings and desires

Only Him can fill the void that exists within us.

In Him we are complete, made whole, filled till we are over-pouring.


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Blessed are the meek

Hey Lovely Family. Thanks for staying with us thus far and continue to stay with us. Dig in.

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I am meek,
To some I am a doormat to be trampled upon.
To many I am stupid and should be Taken for granted.
To others I am spinless and can be ignored where many want to be seen.
But I am meek;
I cannot deny that I have suffered,
I have been treated badly,
I have been challenged,
Tempted to give-in,
To give up.
But still I am meek,
I have been provoked,
My humility tossed in my face.
I have been punished;
For my sins and for those of others.

I have had to control my strength,
Even when it was raging like wild fire.
I have had to bite my tongue,
Had to bridle it when it had a lot to spit-out.
I remain meek still,
My eyes set on the prize,
Far it may seem,
Timeless it may be,
Hopeless it may feel.


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Meekness is strength brought under control. it’s submitting to God.

But I have chosen this path,
My path,
To be meek,
Humble and Gentle.
I chose to submit,
I have nothing that is truly mine
Except for the cross that I have to bear.
My prize I shall win-
This is my reward
For my lowly heart-
The earth I shall inherit.


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Blessed are those Who Mourn

Hello Lovely Family. It is a brand new week and I am super excited to present today’s post. We are still on the series #Beatitudes. Today’s post resounds deeply with me, it’s the cry in my spirit. It is the constant struggle to go the right way. We are all broken people and only God can comfort and fix us. So the virtue from the post is #SorrowforSins We must first acknowledge the errors of our ways before we can ask God for healing. Dig in.

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Christ promises comfort to all who mourn and Yes even to those who grief for the loss of a loved one.


I am a sinner.

Yes, I acknowledge it.

I have run away from that fact for far too long,

But I am tired of running.

What was I thinking in the first place that I could hide from you.

You who knit me in my mother’s womb and knew me before I became.

You who knew every moment of my life and owned the entire universe.

How did I think I could hide from you?

I am ashamed Lord.

Shame and guilt; those two emotions that I am too familiar with.

How can I look at you?

How can I with the same lips I use to curse and profane your words call you Father.

How do I come before your throne and confess the same sins that I confessed yesterday?

Just yesterday Lord I was saying I was sorry for making the death of your son a sham, I told you that I was home, no longer a slave to sin and you welcomed me home.

But today I am back.

Look at me a child of the King, wearing shame like an apparel, my robes are tattered and I stink with the dirt of my sins.

I have rationalized my sins, making excuses for the sins intentionally committed but my conscience condemns me.

It forces me to look at myself and I stand and look in the mirror and I don’t know this person I have become.

I wonder: ‘How can I not love you enough because if I did I would not continually offend you.’

If I loved you like I should, I would love you not only with my lips but with my life and actions.

How can I treat so carelessly the sacrifice of the cross?

Who am I Lord that you love me?

Who am I that you continually forgive and welcome me back.

What is it about me that makes you love me so much even when I don’t love me.

Who am I Lord that you forgive and do not remember again.

I am sorry Lord.

Tears this time will not be enough.

There is deep sorrow in my heart.

You see the often not so sincere attempts that I make.

You see the sham of a repentance that I offer you.

You know when the words I speak to you are mere words.

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We are all sinners in need of God’s mercy

I am tired Lord.

I am tired of sinning against you.

I am tired of running from your presence.

I am sorry for continually offending you.

I am sorry for not loving you enough.

I am sorry for placing others above you; for wanting to please others without serving you for whom I was created to serve and love.

I mourn for my sins. I mourn for the disgraceful way I have treated you.

I am sorry that I have tossed your love by the way side.

I am back Lord this time for good.

I am broken Lord, Fix me.

Heal my brokenness.

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Only the broken need fixing

I offer you my heart, my soul, my body

I offer you this temple of yours created by you.

No matter how good my intentions are, this road is one I cannot go alone.

Go with me. I surrender my mind, soul, heart, body, will and intellect to you.

Use me Lord. Comfort me Lord.

Pardon the guilt of my sins.

Let me able to raise my head up and worship in your presence again.

Give me the grace and strength to serve you as I should.

Let these words be my guide: ‘Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.’

Comfort me Lord.


May God bless you all abundantly. See you all next week.


We are Women

Yipee. It’s the International Women’s day and Godly Women Arising is bringing you this amazing post to remind you on the uniqueness of women and the role that we play . Read on.

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We are the nurturers,
The one who will birth and nurse every other.
We are the models,
Even when we carry the entire universe on our shoulders we dont show it.
We are the multi-taskers,
The ones who are pro in skills we were never trained to do.
We are the intellectuals,
The ones who would read emotions merely from facial expressions.
We are the teachers,
The ones who never applied for a place in the teachers training institute.
We are the thinkers and solvers,
The ones who are expected to solve any issue life presents us.
We are service-oriented,
We offer our services both home and away.
We are the prayer champions,
The ones with bent knees and tongues of fire.
We are the selfless ones.
The ones who do it all for everyone except ourselves.
We are black, white, mixed and diverse.
We are the world’s super heroes-
We are women!!


It’s a beautiful gift to be a woman.




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Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Hello Lovely Family, Welcome to the new series #Beatitudes. I am excited to present to you: ‘Blessed are the Poor in spirit’ from #GWA. We are expanding and the possibilities are endless. Stay with us. Read on.

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Poor in spirit denotes that we are all sinners, weak and in need of God. Pride goes before a fall.

It must be a joke!

“There’s no way that girl can make Heaven, why is she bothering to repent”

“See the way she was crying like someone who just lost her husband”…………….

“It’s only a matter of time before she falls back to her old ways”

I listen to my friends and church workers argue about the event in church today.

A popular bad girl denouncing her ways and giving her life to Christ.

I saw the look on people’s faces….some of joy and warmth, others of raw judgement and disgust

I moved closer to them,


Then someone asked if we didn’t all need to repent

There was a long pause

I thought to myself

Repent from what?

Only unbelievers need repentance.

Of course we are Christians, our parents hold respected offices in our respective churches

I pay my tithe…even though sometimes grudgingly.

I try not to skip Sunday service, though I cannot guarantee staying awake during the service

I fast…even though I usually can’t go beyond 12pm, best record…1pm

I give to the needy, I do good…most times

I look at my friends, I guess we are good

Or isn’t that enough

“What makes you think you’re better than her” pastor Shade asked, as if she was in my thoughts…I didn’t even know she had been listening

“She has more hope…if Christ were to come now, she will be with Him.” She continued…

She talked about how we all are sinners and in need of repentance, she told us to read more about King David and how though he committed so many sins yet God referred to him as the apple of his eye, she left us with the message “Heaven is not for already-made people but for sinners who acknowledge their lowly state and humbly ask for grace. For blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven”

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Empty yourself before God. Allow Him fill you up and use you.

I feel instantly ashamed,

I had not condemned her openly

But I had judged myself better than her secretly,

Judged like I myself am perfect.

No I’m not! No one is

Pastors Shade’s words awakened a lot in me

I have a lot to learn…starting from humbling myself and acknowledging I’m weak on my own but only strong through Christ.

I’ll definitely be in church next week and our new convert just got herself a best friend in me.


Pride is a sin we are almost all guilt of. How can this person be better than me? How can this sinner be saved? We are all saved by grace. Humility is the virtue for today.


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Hello Lovely Family,

It’s a new month and there are greater expectations. Hope you have started out the year on a wonderful note and living up to the dreams and goals you set. If not, there is still time to move in the direction you want your life to move in. Start today, not tomorrow. Moving on.

If you are ardent follower of the blog, you will notice that the site name has changed to Godly Women Arising when you log into the page. Yes, We are expanding. We are moving to the permanent site in Nigerian parlance. Stay glued to us and welcome to this exciting new journey. The link is still the same and we are working on a website and social media accounts. Once we are up this will be communicated to all. I am excited to present you the members of GWA: Tolu, Dharmie, Omo, Patt, Ruthie, Doyin and myself Sisichels.

We are family, best of friends building a lifetime ministry and with God on our side we will live out of our purpose.

I am excited.

Are you?

Stay tuned.


Your Servant,