Letters to God…Little Girl

Hello Lovely Family, I have never been more excited to post a letter to God as this one. It wins the award for cutest and is the sweetest love letter ever. The entire letter resounds one theme: ‘Nothing ever separates us from the love of God.’ Hope this speaks to your heart as it speaks to mine and draws you into a more fulfilling and richer relationship with a Father who loves you without measure.

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Dear God,

Hi! I hope you didn’t shudder at “hi”?

I know you are universal and cool so you won’t have a fit like my mum would.

Or wait… good morning. I don’t want you to think I’m rude…should I add Sir, or I shouldn’t?

I know I barely call and even when you call I ignore,

The other time I struggled to write, I am not sure you got it….

Last night I called but I could swear the devil picked and was laughing, telling me I’ve lost my father’s love

I saw you called back… I couldn’t pick up, shame won’t let me

Shame…that’s all I seem to feel these days. Shame, fear, anguish.

Its funny right. I, a daughter of a King…the King, allowed myself to live like a refugee in my father’s territory.

I’ve been thinking…maybe you shouldn’t have invested so much in me, maybe you should have diverted the love meant to me to your other kids…those who deserve it, maybe you should just give up on me and let me go, you should have gotten tired of me by now…they know you’re my father. I sometimes try to hide it so I can blend in but they know…sometimes I hear them mock me and how much of a loser I am….

But then I got your letter…the one you asked Brother John to write, a brethren posted it on instagram, I don’t know why I checked it. Lately, I’ve been avoiding anything that pricks my conscience and makes me uncomfortable.…

I saw how you talk about your love for me being eternal, I saw where you wrote about how all I had to do was believe. Then somehow, I stumbled on the letter my big brother David wrote to you…the one he titled it Psalm…the 15th line of the 86th page, about how you are merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

I have been reading the book you left me…the one that has all the letters my older siblings wrote to you…the one you inspired them to write, to guide we the younger ones and I realise how wrong I was to believe I’m too dirty to be loved by you. I realise your love for me is eternal and true.

Finally tell Jesus, that He is the best big brother a girl can ever have. Tell him I love him and I’m grateful He’s always looking out for me, I haven’t been reciprocating but that has never discouraged him.

Father, oh how I’ve missed calling you that!!

Thank you for not giving up on me… I’m done living like a refugee…I want to come HOME.

I’ll call daily now, try not to miss your call and I’ll definitely be writing you again soon.

I love you.


Lots of love

Your little girl



  1. Sadah · February 26, 2018

    Well written.


  2. Sylva Elendu · February 26, 2018

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing


  3. Valentine ArchangeL · February 26, 2018

    Oh how much even I, the son of a King…the King, live like a refugee in my Father’s territory, my inheritance.
    Thank you dear Chels, for this letter is about what many like me need to push that reset button and steer back towards Our Father, The King!


    • helenchels · February 26, 2018

      He loves us, He loves you just as if you were the only one. Thanks for commenting


  4. Patt · February 26, 2018

    Wow! Felt that a breath of fresh air all through….So true….So light……so heavy….thank u


    • helenchels · February 26, 2018

      Yes Patt. The humor masks the heaviness of the words but they are so true.


  5. Dharmiefaj · February 26, 2018

    I was blown away


  6. Sillo · February 28, 2018

    This is beautiful and sincere …thanks Tee


  7. Hebron · February 28, 2018

    “I’m done living like a refugee…”
    That’s the moment the father keeps waiting for, with his arms wide open.
    This is beautiful again.


  8. Leo · March 1, 2018

    Great Piece by a promising writer. I look forward to reading more of the writer’s work.


  9. chidinmaibemere · March 2, 2018

    So cool..


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