This is going to be a long read. Oh we wish we could break this into parts but the beauty is reading the entire post as one. Grab a glass of Hollandia Yogurt (Strawberry flavored) or any of your favorite drink. This is a collaboration between three sisters. We are living out our purpose and answering the call to touch lives one at a time. Enough said, get settled in and read.

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I am alive.

I walk the surface of the earth.

I breathe in the clean moist air.

I have no need for an aid.

Many times I have heard the phrase, “Be thankful, and “Be grateful”

Grateful for what? I often wonder. Too many things on my mind, lots of things I would like to change,

For starters, I would love to have more – more money, more happiness, more fulfilment,

I’m not asking for too much, just to be taller with straighter legs,

I want long neat nails, not these short embarrassing ones,

Oh! I’d also love a little flesh here and there, and a body void of all these scars, I think…no, I know I will look prettier with longer; fuller hair.

More, More and More.

Me, Me and Me.

I, I and I.

Give me, I have to have this and Give me some more.

While we are looking at things I want to change on my body, let’s get rid of the glasses that obstruct my makeup and slaying moment, I want to see clearly without them.

The seemingly little things are in reality difficult for some to do.

The little things I so often take for granted matter a lot to others.

I could have everything and still it won’t be enough.

I would still want more.

That insatiable desire to acquire all I can.


Now that that’s out of the way, I would also want a car and driver at my beck and call….I just hate the stress of walking!

I wish my friends and family were more understanding… I don’t have time for relationships, my job is too demanding!

Speaking of jobs, I would like a less-demanding, more-rewarding job

And as we get this job of my dream, I wouldn’t mind waking up in a king-sized bed, being waited upon daily and a glass of wine and chocolates while I relax in my Jacuzzi,

Don’t roll your eyes! I’m allowed to want aren’t i?

Oh and I’ve always dreamt of being on TV, be to seen; admired and loved… to be like Oprah,

A line of one of my favorite songs when I was younger pops in “the world better prepare for when I’m a billionaire…”

And while I’m rich and famous, it’s only natural that I tour the world, fill my closet with clothes, shoes and perfumes.

Be Ambitious right.

Where is the line between Ambitions and greed?

When do I find time to stop and say Thanks for all I have been given.


I should have been born in a more civilized country, I would have had a better chance at life……………………………………………………………………………………….but I feel a tug…how selfish can I be? I have successfully listed all I want, but in all my wants are reasons I should feel otherwise….

More money? There are millions of people, many of whom I see in Lagos traffic…chasing just so they get by,

…to be taller, with straighter legs when all several wish for is just the ability to walk,

Long nails? Oh how vain…how could I forget the little boy on Instagram, who lost his arms and legs to sepsis at barely one.

A little flesh and no scars, easy to forget I lost lots of flesh and gained the scars on the theater table, easy to forget the night I cried after wetting myself cause the nurse couldn’t get to me on time, easy to forget how I couldn’t eat or drink for days and simple tasks like standing, sitting and even laughing came with great pain.

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I am not mine but yours alone,

This was what we would recite every night after devotion at home.

Mama said being grateful was a lifestyle,

She would say be grateful in all things.

When your life is in a mess and it seems like no cares, be grateful.

When you have worked and nothing shows, be grateful.

When you pray and your prayers remain unanswered, be grateful.

When your will has been wrecked and it seems you have no will at all, be grateful.

When you are clueless of where you are headed to and the road leads to an unknown destination, be grateful.

Sigh! I am here clamoring for longer hair when a woman somewhere is losing hers battling cancer

I still wouldn’t mind being rid of my glasses but I remember the beautiful blind lady on Ketu Bridge with her sonorous voice singing worship to her God, I remember my cripple friend on that same bridge who is always sweeping the bridge and cheering passersby’s

When I look in the mirror

And I don’t like what I see.

I am thankful for the fact that you love me the way I am.

Oh Yes, You love imperfect ME.

I am grateful you don’t let go.

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Oh the lessons I can learn on that bridge! Beggars and their children, sharing the little they have with all around them; laughing, singing and playing.

How quick I forget how I prayed hard for this job…for the tug I felt at the brilliant; well-articulated young keke driver on CMD road, who drove his keke like he was driving a lexus!

Oh and there are millions, who have never slept in a bed, who have never seen a running tap, who the only clothes they have is the one on their back and the only scent they wear is of blood and sweat!

Several for whom electricity is a luxury they can’t afford, those who owning a TV is an enormous dream! Those who are of the same age as me, who the only life they’ve known is that of coldblooded war.

Being grateful,

This is a lifestyle I know nothing of,

I have had to go through trials and sufferings,

I have wept and been wept for.

I have been hurt several times that I lost count,

I have been treated unfairly so have I been judged by man,

I have had to struggle many times,

Yet mama said to be grateful.

There are several things I want!

Things that have clouded my eyes to all that I have… I want more!!

What exactly am I being grateful for?

She said,

Those things that you are privileged to have,

Those things that you never asked for yet you have,

Things that some people hope and wish for,

Things that many at times you take for granted,

Things that you think are your right,

Those my dear are the things you should be grateful for.

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For His love is deep, deeper than my fears.

It’s His love that chases all my doubts

That gives me worth.

It is higher than my hopes.

It’s stronger than my pasts and pains.

Its all I would ever need.


In his love I have everything.

His love draws me in and holds me secure.

He is my life giving source

The well I can draw the waters of salvation from.


He is my all.

The very essence of my being

I am grateful for where I am.

At this moment that is where I should be.

I am thankful for how far he has brought me.

I am thankful for all the mistakes, errors of the past, everything that has shaped me to be this image of God.


I know not what the future holds.

I know not how tomorrow will turn out to be.

I have desires, wants and needs.

But for now I have everything I need.

My Lord, My Love, My Life.

Because I have Him and He is enough for me.

I am truly grateful.

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Even the wealthiest man wants more!

But if we have life, health, family, air, food and water…

Even if we don’t have all of these, in the little we have,

We owe it to ourselves and our creator to BE GRATEFUL

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Say No to Insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria. God bless you all immensely.


  1. Dharmiefaj · February 5, 2018

    Sincere outpour


    • helenchels · February 5, 2018

      We owe everything to Him who made us. #begrateful


  2. chidinmaibemere · February 5, 2018

    Great piece. I am grateful for life and thank you for sharing


  3. NISOT · February 6, 2018

    So deep!!!!!!
    Grateful for the things I feel are my right. Grateful for where I am…


    • helenchels · February 6, 2018

      Thanks for commenting. #gratitudeisthenewattitude


  4. Habeelity · February 14, 2018

    I can really relate to this. Thank for d post


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