I am Helen (replace with your name)the Beloved.
I am loved by the one whose love leaves me in awe.
It’s a Love that defies definition.
It’s a Love that pulls me deeper into the embrace of my lover.

I am Beloved by a lover whose touch is pure joy.
He has my heart wrapped in his.
His presence is constant joy.
He is the essence of my being.

I am the Beloved of Him who is Before anyone Else.
The thought of Him fills my sleeping and rising moments.
He holds the key to my heart.
In Him my soul is always at rest.

I have found him who is worthy of all my love.
I am priceless in his eyes.
He loves me despite my flaws.
He makes me perfect just for Him.

I am beloved by the one whose Grace is sufficient.
He keeps me strong in times of difficulties.
He is my constant hope.
He is joy for all ages.

I am in love with my King and God,
The one who paid the price for my sins.
He drew me up and said: ‘it is forgiven’.
In Him my hope is renewed afresh.

His love knows no bound.
He loves me completely.
He is the air I breathe.
His praises are always on my lips.

He is the way I must follow,
The truth I believe.
He is the life that gives me life.
In Him, I am beloved.


Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.  God bless us all.