Dear Child

Dear Child,

I see that you don’t want to be a child any longer. You want to be your own person, make your own decisions and drive your life. And I applaud such lofty thoughts.
I understand for I was once like you, I wanted to conquer the world and have the world at my feet.
But child, adulthood isn’t all rosy. With the ability to make your own decisions comes responsibilities.
I see you walking to school without so much as a care, swinging your hands, talking and laughing and I am envious, envious of the lack of responsibility, of the innocence of your smile and the pure joy in your laughter; an innocence not tainted by the corruptions of this world.
I want so much to capture this moment, this essence of your childhood and press them into a book for you and give you something you could always look back at, smile and appreciate that beautiful phase in your life.
Child, you want to grow up too fast too soon. It feels like your parents have tied you down with invisible shackles, shackles of rules and regulations that must be obeyed but dear they are for your own good and safety.
Remember your parents were once children and yes they might not be the ‘jet age’ but they do know better. I feel the cords that tie me down to my family, cords that I want to break but dearest Family is important and I hope you always understand and appreciate them.
I want to hold you close, safe to my heart, enclose you in my bosom and shield you so that you never have to experience the heartache that life sometimes brings with it.
Yet child, I want you to be strong so that you can face the world courageously without fear and for that you need a strong, stable, solid foundation and that’s what your childhood is meant to give you.
I know you have been influenced by popular ‘pop’ culture but dear life isn’t often what’s portrayed in the movies or the books you might have read.
I know you have dreams and I want you to dream big dreams. I also know you have conflicting desires warring for space; the desire to fit in and belong and the desire to be different.
But child, you are created to stand out, to break from the mould, to be different, to do the impossible, to set new paths, to shatter records. So kill the desire to fit in and belong, because by the miracle of your birth, you already have a place in the world. You already belong.
Savour this moment that you have, make lasting memories, read wide and broad, engage in thoughtful conversations, dream dreams, smile, dance in the rain, cry, laugh, run, walk barefoot, play in the mud and do all the beautiful things that only a child like you can do.
Child, you are beautiful just the way you are, you are created in the image of the perfect God and you can do anything, don’t let anyone tell you differently.
Responsibilities will definitely come but until they do, don’t go chasing them.
Be a child while you still have the chance, make the mistakes while you still can.
Dear child, don’t be in a hurry to grow up.

With love,



Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.

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