This is going to be a short post. It’s just something that has been on mind for a while and I am going to share it with you all.

I love this lines from the Catholic Eucharistic Prayer (so if you didnt know that before, now you know. I am Catholic and proud.) It goes this way : ”¬†For, although you have no need of our praise, yet our thanksgiving is itself your gift, since our praises add nothing to your greatness but profit us for salvation, through Christ our Lord.”

This is to say that God has no need of your praises, the act of thanksgiving is God’s gift to us. If you decide to praise God or not, it adds or removes nothing from who He is. So when next you decide not to praise God, be aware that you do not do him a favour by praising him but your praise only profits you. It’s easier to praise God when things are going rosy, to praise Him when He grants us all our desires but when just for a single second it feels like He is silent we find it difficult to praise Him.

I have been in situations like that when it felt like it was so hard to praise him, to utter just that simple word Thanks. But these past days have shown me that praises draw down God’s blessings. It’s not enough that you don’t have all you want, a job, a house, a family, a life partner or anything else. God is God, He won’t go back on His words. He doesn’t change. It’s often hard to believe that He keeps His promises when life situations gets us totally down. But I know that God has never failed and He won’t start failing now. Do you know what it means to be alive each day, to have all your limbs, to have all your faculties working. This is me saying Thank you Lord.

Praise God. Praise Him even when you don’t feel like. Praise Him until praising God flows naturally. It is good to praise God.





Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria. God bless you. Pray for your country, pray for the world.


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