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Dear Future Wife

I was scared of doing this. I had done the ‘dear future husband’ and it was easy because I was threading on familiar grounds and I did know what I wanted in a husband. But I decided to spread my wings and do this post. It’s not a long read as the earlier post but you might want to grab a seat and a glass of wine. You can always drop your comments, it makes me grow better. To all those that keep reading, thanks so much. You are all appreciated. Now dig in 

Dearest Wifey,

I have prayed a long time for you and I feel it in my heart that you are close. I always tell myself that I am not ‘tribalistic’ so if you are Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa I won’t mind even though I am sure mama would want me to marry someone from our tribe but I know she would love you with the same love that I have for you and accept you.
I am not a man of many words but I would show you by my actions every single day that you are loved, adored, cherished, and appreciated. I will hold fast to the vows we would eventually make before God, our families and friends while making prayer the bedrock of our marriage. Baby, you know this passage of the bible Proverbs 31; that is the kind of woman I pray God gives me and I know you have gone through the passage but I would love you to read it again and properly understand it. (You can’t get tired of reading God’s word).
Bae, you will always come Before Anyone Else (after God of course). You would be my number 1 priority. I want you to be very understanding and know that because I don’t say the words doesn’t mean I don’t care. There are times when we would have issues and disagreements but I know our love would be strong enough to surmount them. I also need a tolerant wife because I know I am not perfect and I have my own failings (but I will keep them to the minimum and I know you will help me be a better me).
Honey, I am not psychic and I would love you to tell me what’s on your mind and don’t expect me to automatically know. I will try my best to be sensitive to your moods. I love being pampered and I would pamper you too. Sweetie, on a lighter note you need to have a degree in giving massages; I would be tired after the day’s work and your warm hands would be all I need. Don’t worry I will return the favor.
Dear, God made you to be a helpmate and that’s what I want you to be. I need a wife that would help me be better, grow stronger in God’s ways and a prayer partner. I need a mother for our unborn children and don’t worry I am not squeamish I will be with you in the delivery room. I will just hold your hands and take plenty photographs for posterity sake. Sweet I don’t expect you to nag (Haba it irritates me when people do that). I know you love God as much as I do and I continually pray that He gives you us the wisdom you we would need for our marriage to work.

Honey I want you us to fill our home with laughter and joy, a homely place where I would be glad to come back to each day. I will treat you with all the care and love that you deserve and my heart would always be yours.
Sugar I know you are a good cook (how I know is an open secret) and I will try and help you in the kitchen even if it’s just to sit down and gist with you. I want our children to grow up being strong in their faith, believing in themselves, and having the right morals. I would be a provider in the home, the head of the family and help you in the upbringing of our kids. I love my football but you are always my Numero Uno so I can give up the football for you (Don’t ask me to sha).
I will court you the old-fashioned way with words (which I am not too good at), flowers, and chocolates (I heard women love chocolates). You know you mean everything to me and I would spend the rest of my earthly existence loving you and leading our family the way God would want me to do. I know the future is bright because you are in it. It may sound so easy to do and I know the road will be rough but with you by my side and God directing us, I trust that we will make it.
There are so many other things you need to know about me but you will get to know them in due time (that’s the essence of courtship albeit a short one, I can’t wait for you to be mine). I will keep praying for you my darling and I know God will bring you my way at the appointed time.
Patiently waiting for you the bone of my bones.
Your love,

P.S I have picked out an engagement ring for you, I would have it sized to fit when I propose. I can’t wait to have you in my life. I love you so much.


Say no to insurgencand Yes to a peaceful Nigeria and world. God bless you all. Have a wonderful weekend and a peaceful week ahead.

Dear Future Husband

Good afternoon my fantastic readers. It’s the first day of July, so I am excited. I decided to do something different. This is a long post so you might decide to sit down, grab a glass of Hollandia yoghurt (strawberry flavour) and read. A couple of the stuffs are unique to me, but I tried to encompass the whole sentiments and wishes of most females in a Christian and humorous angle. Hope you enjoy, dig in.


Dear Hubby,
I have written to our unborn children, so I thought it fitting that I should write to you so that you are a glimpse of the woman who would spend the rest of her life with you. (You know your ‘wifey’ is pretty complicated, at times I wonder how the different aspects of her merge but then our God is a wonder-worker). I love you so much already without having known you. At times, I wonder if I have met you already or if you are still among the numerous people, I am yet to meet.

I have a very vivid imagination and I close my eyes and imagine how our wedding day would look like. I see myself clearly looking resplendent in white but I never see your face, I wonder if that’s a sign that I have not met you among the friends I have or if you are meant to come as a surprise. I have written down my vows for our wedding day (do not worry I won’t put it down in this letter, you would be the first person to hear them from my lips) with the permission of the priest.
My heart, I remember hearing the story of a woman that was asked on her wedding day what she would call her husband and she said ‘honey nkem’. So, it got me thinking. Hmmmmm what would I call you, there are a lot of names to pick from; ‘sweetie, sweetheart, honey, dear, Dearie, my king, my heart, my hubby and the likes. Do not worry we would pick one together and if we cannot settle on any, I would willingly call you every beautiful name imaginable.

Now to you dearest hubby of life, I do not care if you are dark or fair, as long as you are mine that would be okay. I need a 1st Timothy 3 man that would draw me closer to God, a prayer partner, a leader in the home, a best friend, and a sparring partner(so if you have not read that passage you need to read it). I know I would have to share you with your friends and family, but that is okay because it is a necessary part of the vocation called marriage.
Hubby, I really do hope you understand the sanctity of the marriage vows and bed; that you take with all seriousness the sacredness of the vocation that we have been called to, and embrace with love all the children that would be placed in our care. Speaking of our children, I have named them already but we can still pick them out together and I also want quadruplets or twins, and that is my earnest prayer to our heavenly father. I know you understand all these if not we wouldn’t get married in the first place.

Sweetie, I want you to understand that I would always have your back, your word would be law, and I would respect you as the head. We would disagree but we would always agree and be a united front. I am quite stubborn and annoying but if I wasn’t you wouldn’t love me the way you do. My king, I love books a whole lot and I would fill our home with them. That said; a good book is the best gift you could give me and with chocolates, I would love you even more (if that’s possible). A book is the surest way to my heart. I would love it if you were interested in books but it’s okay if you are not as long as you don’t mind reading to me at times (emphasis on the word at times, its sounds romantic you reading to me but I prefer reading to myself.) I am also a neatness freak and I like organized spaces so it would help if you were neat too, it gets tiring picking up after anybody, and I wouldn’t want to nag about that.

Nkem, I love music especially when writing or doing chores. That reminds me, this woman you would spend the rest of your earthly existence with is a writer, it is a struggle at times to translate my feelings into speech but I will try and tell you ‘I love you’ each day and you can expect little notes from me everyday (okay not everyday but quite often). Don’t ever use silent treatment or withholding of favors as punishment for perceived or real wrongs. We can always trash our issues and come to a resolution. I pray we never go to bed with anger and unresolved issues between us. I don’t mind saying sorry first. I believe we would spur each other to greater heights because we are the best parts of each other; the two sides of the same coin.
Sweetheart, I hope you don’t expect me to know or learn how to cook with firewood, it is a no no and with time you would understand better. So if you have that skill as part of your vision of an ideal woman, please rethink that vision. I don’t like cooking because I don’t like eating that much (hahahaha I can hear the wheels turning in your head already). Don’t worry I would prepare all our meals, I prefer the taste of my food and you would find that I don’t like going out too often. It would be nice to eat out at times, I don’t have a cooking gene because I am female. I love for you to cook at times, so you can impress me with your culinary skills and pamper me with breakfast in bed. (lol, every woman likes to be pampered and I would pamper you too).


I don’t like travelling too but if you would take me to Ghana, south Africa, Paris, Bahamas or even obudu cattle ranch, I won’t mind. That reminds me I really want to go to Rome, so if you can make that possible the gratitude of my heart would be yours forever; if its not possible I will visit it in my dreams and I would still love you with my heart. I really pray your family loves me and I get along with your mother. She really must be extraordinary to birth a wonderful man like you. That said, you are going to be with me when I deliver our kids. Don’t think you can skip out on that, if not for anything just for you to hold my hands and behold the miracle of childbirth (I hear it’s a great bonding experience).
Dear, I would love for you to have other siblings so that our children can have and understand the beauty of having family around them. I remember saying I wouldn’t want to get married to any only son, first born son or child and an only child (those days of childhood) but whichever you are I would welcome you with open arms. I would also want you to accept my family and understand that the same responsibility I have towards yours is the same you have towards mine (they are easily lovable.) I like staying indoors but if you are an outdoorsy type I wouldn’t mind as long as you can come up with interesting places to go to and you don’t mind staying indoors sometimes (a nice movie, ice cream cuddled up together isn’t that heavenly.) I have don’t like having guests around the house but family and friends are always welcome; all they need do is give me prior notice so I can have a sumptuous meal waiting for them.
My love, I imagine how the future would like, with the children out of the nest and just the two of us left and I like it; can you imagine the grandchildren running around and probably the great-grandchildren too. We would grow old together and still be in love and I pray our heavenly father grants us that request. Prayer must be an integral part of our lives including the word of God (how else can we surmount life’s troubles). There are too many fake prophets out there so we would be our own prophets beseeching the father on our knees , prophesying on ourselves and children, praying together, standing in the gap for each other and our families and we would not neglect the gathering of the brethren. We would teach our children all about God and encourage them to find Him, value them, let them make their mistakes and guide them on the path to life. I haven’t watched the film “War Room”. I would want to watch it with you or if my curiosity gets the better of me, I would watch it and we could watch it together again. That said, I like movies too but a book will always win over a movie.
Honey, I love strolling and I hope we could do that not because it looks romantic but it helps me clear my thoughts so I hope you can indulge me. I absolutely do not like going to the market, I don’t like haggling over prices, so if you would go to the market with me and may be buy things like fish and meat it would make me happy but if not I wouldn’t mind as long as you take me shopping. I would want for you to help me with the house chores, a woman’s place isn’t in the kitchen and if anyone calls you a woman wrapper or a sissy, I would fight them, you are my superhero, so anything for you within reasonable bounds. You are allowed to watch all the football you want with the understanding that I come before the football. By the way I support Manchester united, please don’t be a Chelsea fan. I won’t struggle with you for the remote (I absolutely detest Telemundo).
Dearie, I have to work even if you make loads of money. I can’t be content not working. Please don’t say you would open a boutique or a supermarket; this lady isn’t business inclined, I am sure we will work out something that suits us both. Hmmmmm, I would love to dance in the rain just once (hope my phone won’t get damaged.) I pray we can laugh, cry, dance and smile together and enjoy life to the fullest, as God would want us to do.
Dear hubby, I can’t wait to meet you or if I have met you already, I can’t wait to know that you are mine. I would shower all the love, care, and affection on you. I love you so much and you are always in my prayers everyday so I know our God is blessing and keeping you safe and at the right time, He will send you my way. It has been signed and sealed; all that remains is the delivery and manifestation of that promise.
Earnestly praying and waiting for you.

Your wifey,

P.S. That reminds me what would you call me? ‘Wifey’ is over-used but I could not think of anything else and I am sure you would come up with something. I love you plenty.


Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria. God bless you all.