I wrote this back at a time when I was going through a rough and trying period in my life, dealing with the effects of my choices. I decided to post it today being ash Wednesday to remind us that God does love us and its not too late to turn back. So it’s time to take a look at your life and see areas where there is a need for change and make that change. Behold now is the acceptable time; behold now is the time for salvation. So grab a seat and read and I hope your life changes for the better.

O God, I am too ashamed to raise my head in your presence. My sins pile up higher; they reach as high as the heavens. From the days of old until now, I, your child have sinned greatly.

Because of my sins, I have totally been disgraced as I am still today. Now for a short time, O Lord my God, you have been gracious to me and have let me escape from the slavery of sin.
Now, O God, what can I say after all that has happened? I have again disobeyed your commands that you gave through your son Jesus Christ.
You told me that the world was an impure one and I was in the world but not of the world. You told me not to join the world in her behaviors if I wanted to prosper.
Even after everything that has happened to me in punishment for my sins and wrongs, I know that you, my God has punished me less than I deserve and has allowed me to survive.
Then how can I ignore your commandments again and continue with the filthy actions of the world for if I continue, you will be so angry that you will destroy me.
Lord God, you are just, but you have let me survive. I confess my guilt to you; I have no right to come into your presence, to call you God and father, to answer daughter and child.
But here am I Lord in tears and supplication kneeling before your throne asking you for pardon. Look at your child broken, used, tossed by life’s waves and have mercy.
Do not take your spirit away from me; teach me the right way to go, hold me firm that I may follow your path; break the stronghold that sin has over me, loosen me from the shackles of the devil.
Bring me back to you that I may be free again; free to sing to you again, free to hear from you, free to worship you, free to come into your presence and free to dance as David of old did. For when I am with You, I am truly FREE!
Restore peace and serenity. Let me find you again and in finding you may my soul truly be at rest.

It’s ash Wednesday; Man remember that thou are dust and to dust you shall return. #soberreflection.


Say no to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria. 

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