I got this from a friend of a friend and her name is Joy. Hope you would enjoy this as much as I did. We must learn that in this journey of life, falling is sure but it’s important to stand up too. I have not been constant with the blogging but there are a couple of works going on which I will explain in my next post. So grab a glass of wine and join me for an enlightening read.

Few days back, just after work in the community, some friends and I were taking a stroll home and then, we saw one of our friends in the community who was having fun with his bicycle so we asked him to let us ride a bit. My friends had a good time riding to and fro and they even added a little bit of stunts. I felt so jealous and wanted to attempt a ride. I must tell you a secret at this point; I have never ridden a bicycle! It is funny right. Please keep it a secret (smiles).

And here I was in my naïve and already grown stature trying to get on a bike, it was a funny sight. My friends practically begged me to let go of my adventure, and a friend said, “Joy, just when you were trying to get on the bike, I could see you falling off it.” In addition, they shared experiences of how they fell several times when trying to ride bikes as kids. This nice and interesting discussion continued. Now, here is my thought; many a time we see some successful people either in ministry, business, politics, education and whatever sphere sparkling in their success season and we want to be like them instantly without wanting to go through the training they went through, without wanting to pay the sacrifices they paid, or still, without wanting to be as diligent, determined, consistent, committed as they were.

This is similar to wanting to be a successful business tycoon without wanting to get deep into understanding  business secrets, or dreaming to be a bestselling author without wanting to spend late nights studying, or hoping to be a widely acclaimed public speaker without wanting to be knowledgeable. The list is endless. Dear, for any level of success you may aspire to attain, there is a price tag. The scripture says; “who would want to build a house without first counting the cost?” Counting the cost entails a whole lot of diligence, and with diligence comes success. The Scripture also says a whole lot on diligence; “…the hand of the diligent makes rich,” “…the soul of the diligent shall be made fat,” “see a man diligent in his business, he shall stand before kings not mere men.” The bible also talks about being knowledgeable in whatever field; “study to show thyself approved”.

Moreover, every point of success and prosperity in the scripture lays emphasis on consistency and diligence. Dear friend, you can be anything you want to be; nothing is impossible. Simply put your heart to it, and putting your heart to it entails commitment, determination, sacrifice, being informed, knowing what it takes, and acting on it. There is no “short route” to good success.
That is why I have decided to learn to ride a bike not minding the number of times I would eventually fall…(Laughing).
See you at the top!!! JOY NOBILITY AMANABO

Say no to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria. God Bless you all.

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