Happy new year! This is officially my first post of the year 2016 and although it’s coming a bit late; it’s coming just at the right time. So hope your year has been going well so far. Now to the post of today, I have been facing a Tiring battle with my addictions and I have often failed to realise that God does love me despite all my mistakes and forgives despite all my failures. So this post is for me as well as all those who fail to see the loving hand of our God in their lives each day.


If I have never been sure of anything in my life; I am sue of this: ‘God loves me.’ Despite my faithlessness, despite all the times I have thrown His love back at Him, made a mockery of His Son’s death and made a mess of my life, He still loves me. His grace is still there. He still showers me with His numerous blessings. He still forgives. His arms are always wide open to accept me and His Spirit is never far away. I am alive and if that’s not enough proof that God loves me and still cares, then I wonder what else could be proof.
This is my own way of saying God loves you.

It might not seem that way when life’s challenges makes you begin to question your faith, when you feel like all hope is lost, when it feels like you keep repenting from one sin all the time, when you feel like He doesn’t hear your prayers or even care. His ways are not our ways. Despite all we might pass through, despite our falls and mistakes we have an assurance that His love for us is unfailingly. All we need do is constantly seek His face and remind of His words. There is absolute power in His word.


Remember God loves you, not because of what you do or don’t do; not because of your righteousness or anything you can manage to think of. HE SIMPLY LOVES YOU despite your inadequacies. HE LOVES YOU! HE LOVES ME!

God’s love is forever constant and His mercies are forever.  You can trust His Love for you.

Say no to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria. 

God bless you all.