A lot of articles, poems, papers and write-ups have been written and published on the need of staying hopeful and never giving up. At times we face situations where it feels like all hope is lost, like there is no need to bother trying, no need to move forward but it at those trying times that we need not give up.

Sin is something we continually deal with everyday. It might be something as ‘small’ as telling a white lie, cheating, pride, boasting, anger, disobedience or something as ‘big’ as murder, fornication, adultery, stealing, masturbation, pornography, corruption or any other besetting sin.

It might seem as if you have prayed about that particular sin(s) so many times but find yourself drawing back to the same old sin. It might be that you have confessed that sin countless number of times and surrendered your life to God that you wonder if God really hears you at all or it might be that you have decided in your heart to stop a particular sinful habit only to see yourself crawling right into that pit of sin again. It might look as if God has abandoned you to yourself and at the mercy of the devil or that He no longer cares what you do.

But the truth remains that God sees everything, He knows everything and that He seems silent doesn’t means He is not working out something for your good or he doesn’t hear you.

Do not give up! You can break out from the devil’s grasp. You can have your life back. You can say not to sin and all it attendant effects. Most times sin looks for hiding places, those areas of weakness that only we know about; those sins that we often think no one knows about since they are often committed in secret.

Will it be hard to break out?

Trust me, it will be harder than anything you have ever done (I have been down that road too many times to count). But trust that God will be with you each step of the way as long as you acknowledge you cannot do it alone. We are often fooled into believing that we can give up a particular sin all by ourselves, all we need do is to firmly decide in our hearts to do so. Firm decision won’t help us; it is only by God’s grace and mercy that sin is overcome.

Never give up even if it feels like you are making one step forward and ten steps backward (the devil isn’t happy that he is losing you). So press forward, your eyes ever focused on the crown.

I am a catholic and confession times can be pretty hard. It is funny how easy it is commit a sin in private and enjoy the sin and when it comes to confessing the sin, the whole shame and regret comes pouring out to the forefront. I ask myself: ‘how can I tell the priest I did this or that? How would he look at me?’ but I didn’t think of that when the act was been committed. That is how it is with us humans; wrong doings, sin is often enjoyable when being committed but we forget that God watches us, He sees what we do, we do not bother to think of how we would look before His eyes and how shameful it would be to confess to Him all the things we have done wrong.

The idle mind abi hand is the devil’s workshop. Idleness gives room for a lot of things to crop up, it allows for time to commit a whole lot of sins you would rather not have committed if you were busy at some productive venture. Whatever you feed your mind is what your mind will grow on. You cannot feed your mind pornography and not expect it to result in either masturbation or fornication. Sin begets sin. I read somewhere that it is often necessary to think about what you are thinking about. What are your thoughts often centered on? We are in the era of making quick cash (which could lead to stealing or blood rituals), getting married while our mates are getting married too, getting a promotion at all cost because you deem it fit to be yours and there is no place for God in the whole scheme. Once God is not involved, every other thing is a total waste of time.

God should be at the helm of every of our affairs. His ways and words should be the measure by which we judge our own actions.

When the devil pulls us towards sin, we need not go far but remember the sacrifice of the cross and all it meant. At the cross, Christ said: ‘it is finished’ putting to an end all sins, nailing to himself all our iniquities. So next time when the devil tells you that it is impossible for you to give up a particular sinful habit and you see yourself sliding into habits of old, never give up. Remind the devil that there is nothing impossible for God to do.

Remember that it is in our weakness that God’s strength is made manifest. His grace is more than sufficient. His grace is all you need. God is watching out for you, so never ever give up.


Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.

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