Its been a long year without you my friend.

I have never written poetry before
I have never bothered to understand the rhyming sequences
But for you I would ascend the lyrical heights as never before
And make sense of those rhyming sequences.

My joy has been saddened
The eyes with which I saw the world has been blinded
My day has been darkened
With no hope of ever been brightened.

I searched and searched for you
And I had to accept that God has asked for you
He had asked the earth to return you
And said that life’s journey has come to an end for you.

The tears flowed ceaselessly
And I remembered all the memories made randomly
And I wished I had treasured them more closely
So that your passing would not hurt so badly.

You were the very BEST of the best
The reason why most were able to face life’s test
You gave your all to life with zest
Now you have gone to your final place of rest.

Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!
All the good you could ever give you gave
All the kindness you could ever show you showed
All the love you could ever bestow you lavished.

All of earth’s people lost a rare gem in you
We believe that God has kept a place in HIS bosom for you
Rest, sweet rest that is what we ask God to give you
Peace, perfect peace is what we believe God has given you.

This one is for you My Hero
The bravest of them all till the end
You were and are my super Hero
For you fought until the very end.

rest in peace Black chidi. You are always remembered.


my brother

Hmmmmm! Where do I start?
God surely was watching for our parents when He sent a precious bundle into their lives many years ago. We your sisters are blessed to have you as a brother, our parents are proud to have you, as their son and you are a source of joy to everyone you meet.
Obinna Emmanuel Mario, the sweetest brother of all time, the definition of faith itself. This year the devil wrestled and wrestled against your life but in vain did he wrestle because God had you under His shadow and snatched you from the jaws of death. I cried many tears during those tension-filled moments but today I lift up my eyes with tears of joy and a heart filled with gratitude to our creator and the mighty Healer that surpasses all doctors for healing you and for granting you life to witness another birthday.

I bless the day God created and molded you in our mother’s womb. You bring me joy beyond description; the best brother money cannot buy. Ahn ahn, I would not exchange you for another. My one and only brother in the whole wide world, even though we do not often see eye-to-eye on some issues, you are still the best among the best.
I am twice blessed to have you as a source of inspiration and encouragement. The one person who never forgets my birthday, the one who knows the exact words to use in any situation, the one who comforts with words, the one person who shows an indescribable belief in God, Jesus Christ and his Blessed Mother.
I love you beyond measure and as you add another year to your age what better gift can I offer than to commend you into the very Hands of the One who gave you to us.
I ask Him to bless you beyond boundaries.
I ask that He may give you grace to excel above your contemporaries.
I ask that He fill you with His Spirit that you may always walk in His path.
I ask Him to make His words the stronghold of your life.
I ask for His favor, wisdom, understanding, and direction upon your life.
I ask Him to continue to lavish His love on you.
I ask Him to enlarge your coast and ward every attack of the devil.
I ask Him for a good wife for you (the very best; the one specially made for you. You are my only brother, you deserve the very best, and I pray for children who will follow God’s ways.)
Finally, I ask Him to give you peace beyond understanding.
May you soar far above the eagles’ heights. May your dream dreams, see visions, achieve all you ever want to achieve, leave legacies behind, write your name in the hallmark of fame, and above all be everything God has made you to be.
Bigger you I pray!
Happy Birthday to the sweetest brother of life.
I love you, I love you, and I love you.
Plenty hugs and kisses from your big sister.
I wish I could be there to spend the day with you but NYSC would not allow me but I am sure you are going to have a blast. Keep my own cake for me oh.
From all of us who are your friends and family, we wish you Happy Birthday dearest one.
Hip! Hip! Hip! Hurray!
May God bless you abundantly.

I am also wishing a happy birthday to Obinna Nnadi, Victor and Chidinma and Happy married life to my dearest friend Cynthia, waiting for the white wedding oh.

See my sweet Cynthia.


Say no to insurgency and yes to a peaceful Nigeria.


I come from Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world, the giant of Africa, a country of diverse cultures, ethnicities, dialects, languages and peoples; a place of abundant mineral, natural and human resources. Yet the citizens of my country still groan under the weight of poverty, violence, ethnic tribalism, and the menace of religious wars that threatens to tear us apart.
What then is my role as a citizen of Mother Earth and how am I supposed to fulfill this role as an immediate citizen of my country when the challenges before me are numerous. The political philosopher Thomas Paine declare ‘the world is my country, all mankind my brethren and to do good is my religion.’
So to do good is my first role as a citizen of earth, to engender harmonious and peaceful coexistence because for effective change to occur I must be the change. I must first take an inward look at my life and see how my actions have affected the world as a whole. Have I helped in preserving or depleting the resources of the environment? Have I taken others as my brothers and sisters or have I treated them differently because they are not of the same nationality, race, language, color as me. How have I contributed to global peace and helping to curb the menace of wars, conflicts, violence, injustice, poverty that pervades our world and threatens to tear us apart. Until we see ourselves as unified whole rather than divided halves, our problems will continue to exist. The Tamil poet rightly puts it ‘to us all towns are one, all men our kin’.
Every day on the news, I hear stories of kidnaps and the ever-increasing attack by the “boko haram” sect and I wonder when all these would end. I feel bad but for me and most other people that is where it ends, we are not the ones affected by the killings and bloodsheds. We do not know personally anyone affected by these inhumane treatments. What can I do to stop this killing of innocent people, people who have as much right to life as I do? I believe in a world where everyone is treated equally irrespective of the color of his or her skin or his or her religious belief. To stop the killing and violence, I as a citizen of my country must speak out against the killings. It is not enough just to feel bad, proactive actions must be taken. I heard that the government was planning of giving these criminals amnesty (not sure how true this is) in order for them to lay down their weapons. Why should they be granted amnesty? I do not believe in treating violence with violence but they should be made to face the music for their actions especially in the face of renewed attacks and the ‘chibok’ girls’ kidnaps.
Next is the issue of environmental pollution. How have I actually made the earth a lot cleaner and safer for future generations? We hear about the depletion of the ozone layers. We still contribute to the pollution of the air by the actions of chlorofluorocarbons gotten from aerosol cans and perfumes and exhaust fumes from our cars. We dump refuse on the road and it is a common action in Nigeria since no one will arrest you because we see the earth as a vast unlimited good i.e. the carrying capacity of air and water is large compared to our individual contribution to pollution. However, when we continue to reason this way, the combined effects of each person’s activities may be become disastrous. Moreover, we treat our natural resources as free goods that no one owns and therefore can be used without reimbursing .This attitude is wrong because natural resources are not unlimited, as we would like to think. Therefore, my role as a citizen of my country is to enlighten people about how their actions actually affect the environment and how to recognize that we are part of a larger system. We depend on the air for breathing, the sea for water and food, the land for building materials and food. Therefore, it becomes my duty and the duty of everyone to protect the welfare of the environment and the citizens of our country from the continuous violence we face if sustainable development is to be achieved.


Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria. God bless you all.