This is a slight deviation from the 100 words posts but I felt I had to post this today. It’s for all those who feel they have lost all their strengths and cannot go the extra mile, this post is a reminder that you really can go the extra mile and thanks to my friend John Damian for the article. Now dive in.

The tears wield up in my eyes, my heart filled with words,

Words left spoken, uttered when a life is to be saved,

Then we gear up for an extra mile, when the tears fire us up,

We have no option but to go the extra mile,

Going the extra mile, it is never crowded.

Even when alone in the crowd, standing amidst my pain,

When I know not my fate, the tears threatens to swallow me and,

I crave for my nature’s embrace; still I go the extra mile,

When I see my tears, feel my fears,

Beautiful hopes will stand sturdy against my burden; assuring me of an extra mile.

Even if the skies descend, all my pains I will bear.

Where lies my hope? In the knowing of an extra mile,

My strength is gone, when I see my feebleness, it is a sign of strength,

It leaves me with a ray of hope for tomorrow, because I will still hold on,

The extra mile I must go, when the sun refuses to neither shine nor a drop of rain to give me a taste of success,

I will not hide my tears; I will still push on and go the extra mile,

When my faith and hope seems to decline and I don’t have the zeal to carry on,

With wobbling feet and a lightened heart, all I will do is go the extra mile,

And I will go the extra mile by holding His Hands.


YOU can only go the extra mile when you are safe in God’s hands.








Kindness is one thing we often take for granted, Kindness to fellow men in both our actions and words. You know what comes to mind a TV programme I watched a couple of days back and it was about a woman who was being generous by donating dolls to kids and what touched me was that something as insignificant as that could actually affect lives. It is a wakeup call for every one of us to do the little things we can to help put smiles on the faces of those who experience little or no joy in their lives.

Say NO to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria. GOD bless you all and have a lovely week ahead.



This is the second post in a series of post on 100words. Stay tuned for more enlightening posts. Let’s dig in.

Respect they say is reciprocal and as such, this respect should be extended to both young and old. We Nigerians are used to the notion that respect should be given to only older people but the truth is that everyone deserves to be respected. We need to respect peoples? choices, opinions, religion, and ideologies. It does not matter if we agree with their own point of view or not, it matters not if they are younger or older, rich or poor. Once we understand that each human person is a unique being, this respect will come easier and more willingly.

Say no to insurgency and Yes to a Peaceful Nigeria. God bless you all.

Just Because



I stood before the courts,
Before the endless stares of my accusers.
They sat ready to scorn and mock,
Fingers pointed, fierce and with no love.
I stood without an attorney,
Who would plead on my behalf.
I stood as guilty as the sky is blue,
I had been selfish, greed was my hue.
They looked menacing, ready to devour,
My sins stacked high from ceiling to floor.
I stood alone, none came to aid me,
All my wealth and glory, all had failed me.
Friends and family were far away,
Death and hell would have their day.

They pointed to a cup that hosted my grief,
My days as a rapist, a liar, a thief.
They said, drink up you insolent wimp,
They threatened me with death’s fiery whip.

But Mercy said No.

For one as the Son of Man drew near,
Bruised and Broken, he walked in without…

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Religious Confusion

This is the first of the 100 words post.

How confused can we be as a people, one leg in, and one leg out. We go to church at dawn; to the shrine at dusk. Our amulets compete for space with the rosary. We treat the baptismal water poured on our heads as a sham and place sacrificial goat-blood on our chests. We echo one loud amen in the church and another in the shrine. The tongue is filled with food of idols and the food of angels. The bible even struggles for space under the pillow with the charms. Oh, African Christian whom do you choose to follow.

Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.


For the next couple of days, I would be doing a series of short posts under the category 100 words. I am going to be pouring creativity into just 100 words and you are all invited to join me in this new series. I am used to writing long posts; I absolutely enjoy writing them and then lying back with a glass of wine to read them. I advise you to do the same too. 100 words is about saying the things that really matter in a straightforward manner- no sidestepping or painting the issues. Just straight to the point.

Say no to insurgency and Yes to a Peaceful Nigeria. God bless you all.