I refrain from coming to my blog but I could not stop myself today and I checked and I saw that the last time I posted anything was sometime in January; that’s roughly two months ago.
It hit me just how cut off I am from the world I used to know.
I can decide to give so many excuses; I am too busy, there is no network, there is no money, there is no time and the likes but the truth remains that writing has definitely taken a back seat these past months.

Wait! Don’t crucify me yet. I can’t quit writing, its who I am but I love the pen and paper format and to type is usually a problem and yes you can guess right I will give an excuse, the Hausas will say, ‘Ba Network’ meaning there is no network.
But really I am sorry and yes I am saying the sorry again but this time I mean it (haba I meant it before). Even if it means blogging via my java phone or climbing on a tree to find network (I sha hope it doesn’t get that bad) I will blog atleast every week or even more that.

Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.
God bless you all.