I know a God whose love is indescribable;

whose mercies are forever new;

who forgives our every sin and guilt.


I know a God who gives not only second chances

But third chances and even fourth

And as many chances as possible just to draw us to His very self.


I know a God who did not spare His son

His one and only,

so that we can stand before Him blameless, holy and whole again.


I know a God whose very essence is love

Who gave and gives us every blessing from his heavenly places

And asks us for one thing in return; our unfailing love to Him.


I know a God who is willing to lead us on life’s journey

Who sends his grace to strengthen us, his Spirit to direct us

Who is absolutely good.


I know a God who is a father to everyone

Who calms the raging storms of life

Who is there in every trial and difficulty.

I know a God without whom we would be nowhere today

Who is the very air we breathe, the way we must follow

The truth we must believe and the Life that gives us life.


I know God whom I am persuaded to love and serve

I know His words will be fulfilled.

I know that nothing can separate us from His everlasting love.


He is my life and hope, my strength and power.

His love is unending and like a flood His mercies flows continuously.

His kingdom will rule and reign forevermore.

You too can get to know Him and experience His love and mercies.


Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria. Be security conscious most especially as the elections or selections draw closer and PRAY, I cannot over emphasize that. That reminds I am really sorry for not posting anything for a while, the network in my new village is crappy and I have been really busy. Its not easy being a teacher. Kudos to all teachers out there. This kind of service to father land is too much, I can’t wait for it to end. God bless you all.




I got this from a friend George and it speaks to my heart and situation and I hope you all can pick something from it too.

Have you ever been hurt or presently experiencing one? If yes, then
you would agree with me that at such times, the word, TRUST tends to
lose savor. Perhaps someone is saying, “why should bad things happen
to good people?” and another is asking, “Do bad things really happen
to good people?”

O yes! ‘Bad’ things do happen to good people but that does not mean
they are under God’s punishment because of some sort of sin of
omission or something. Bad things would sure happen to good people
because we are in a world of imperfection. Christ addressing His
disciples said, “In this godless world you will continue to experience
difficulties but take heart! I’ve conquered the world.”-John 16:33.

The “A” part of John 16:33 reads, “I’ve told you all this so that
trusting me, you will be unshakable and assured, deeply at peace.”

Let us see what trust is.
Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of
someone or something. Trusting the Lord means, looking beyond what we
can see to what God sees. David won the victory against Goliath—an
experienced, intimidating warrior—because, he (David) viewed the trial
(Goliath) from God’s perspective. In your time of TRIAL, refuse to see
how mighty the trial is; rather how big your God is.

Let me talk to someone out there: between the point of your trauma
(trial, pains, betrayal, victimization, tears etc) and the point of
recovery is a “WHEN” (time). Every wound, pains, or tears require time
for healing. Some pains may take minutes, hours, days, months, or
even years to heal, but there is surely going to be a healing. The
question is, what would you be doing during these periods of healing?
May I also inform you that this period is not the time to take rash
resolutions; it is not the season of planning ‘pay back’ strategy. It
is also not the season of throwing self-pity party, neither is it a
season to throw blames around. It is but a season to just TRUST in

Quickly, I’ll share with you four ingredients for undivided trust in
God during any season of difficulties:

(1) Take the spotlight off yourself: 1Samuel 17:37  “David said
moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and
out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this
Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee.”
Trust begins the very moment you realize, the battle is of the Lord
and victory lies in His palms.

(2) Stop looking at the size of your difficulty: 1Samuel 17:45  “David
answered, “You are coming against me with sword, spear, and javelin,
but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of
the Israelite armies, which you have defied.” David saw beyond the
military might of goliath to the Almightiness of his God. Therefore,
trusting God for victory became easy for him.

(3) Looking up to men as a way out would only lead to more
disappointment: 1Samuel 17:39- “David strapped Saul’s sword over the
armor and tried to walk, but he couldn’t, because he wasn’t used to
wearing them. “I can’t fight with all these,” he said to Saul. “I’m
not used to it.” So he took it all off.”

(4) Speak your victory and not magnify your trial: 1Samuel 17:46-47-
“This very day, the LORD will put you in my power; I will defeat you
and cut off your head and I will give the bodies of the Philistine
soldiers to the birds and animals to eat. Then the whole world will
know that Israel has a God, and everyone here will see that the LORD
does not need swords or spears to save his people. He is victorious in
battle, and he will put all of you in our power.” A speaking/talking
faith is a winning faith even when it seems all hope is lost. Do not
stop declaring your victory. Trust is reinforced in the midst of such

Finally, when bad things happen, remember you are in a world full of
imperfection and it can only take the Perfect God to work things out
for you.

Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.

Stay Encouraged

Just incase you are wondering while I am posting by this time, this is the best time to access network in the village where I am serving my country. I got this from a friend Udoka and it really calls me to be encouraged despite all the difficulties I may pass and I hope you all really feel encouraged by this.

As I skimmed through the preliminary lines of an article I came across
recently; my interest metamorphosed into wanting to understand what
could have prompted such a baseless post from a so-called writer, a
trusted friend for that matter. Sooner, I was left with every
reason to thank my God that I did not display my ignorance and
stupidity even before reading that very piece to the end. You will not
believe that!

Other people like me would have fallen into the same trap. Do you doubt
me? Well, I would not want to test you since I have already given you a
hint that there is something to watch out for in this little but
inspiring piece. All the same, enjoy a part of this piece:

“Are you not tired of such words in the category of: Don’t give up.
It is well with you. It is a matter of time. Your best is yet to come.
Have you not been deceived enough? Who is wasting your life with empty
words having only the potentials for only mere excitement?” The devil
whispered to my ears.

Hmmm! did you notice that the devil was the one speaking? That is what
I did not know on time and was almost getting provoked.

Friend, have you ever wondered where God is seriously engaged now

That it appears as though He has left your pressing challenges unattended.

And probably now, you’ve gotten so used to encouragements like the
ones above that they now hold little or no strength over you. I have
just a Word for you: “Those lies that God has forsaken you sound like
the voice of the devil. Just ignore them”. The devil is so afraid of
you because He knows you will soon give him a permanent blow by the kind
of life God is working out of you.

The God that had created all things for you will not lie to you. He
means every bit of His promises made to you. The worst the devil can
ever do against a destiny carrier is just what He is doing now that is
making it appear as if God has forsaken you. Even Jesus while on the
cross came to this point. This same Jesus was later given a name above
every name that without His name mentioned, nothing submits to

That looks like somebody’s future! What God truly has in mind for you
is to make you an authority that will decide what happens in your
family, our nation and in your circle of influence. No devil can
discourage you unless you permit him.

Build an atmosphere of encouragement around you today and always.
Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria. Be security conscious.

Please drop your comments and share with your friends. Sharing they say is caring.





In as much as I would love to post all the time, I am stuck in one interior village serving my fatherland so I will post as the network allows. This is one post I really really love and I had an inspiration from Dami who is a wonderful writer, you can check out his own letter here: https://damiwrites.wordpress.com/2014/10/25/letter-to-my-unborn-child/

Now to my letter!

Dear babies,

I was prompted to write you this letter today and what goes through my mind now is how so much I love you all without having met you; how I wish you all would come soon so that I can shower all the love and care I have on you all. How I wish dad would hurry up and put a ring on my finger so that God can bless our marriage and we can start making you all.

Do not worry momma’s name means: “God’s time is the best” and I am certain that in His time you will all born. That reminds me I should have given birth to quadruplets; I know I am asking for enough trouble but that is my prayer to your heavenly Father and mine. If He doesn’t grant me that request; I will settle for twins or even single births because I am certain that He would have good reasons for denying me but I really want you all to be quadruplets. Not to worry whichever order He decides to bring you into our lives be rest assured that dad and I would love and accept you all.

I have gone as far as picking names for you all and just the Yoruba names. I am not looking for a Yoruba dad for you but If he comes all good and fine but I want you all to have Yoruba names but dad and I would make the final decision but I am sure he will let me have my way. Your names must have something with ‘Oluwa’ in it. Now to you my babies; I wish you the very best in this world. I do not want you all to be like me, okay let’s amend I want you to pick up a few of my traits but I want you to be your own persons: strong, determined, patient, tolerant of other peoples’ flaws, forgiving and to always know that without God you are nothing. I hope you will not picky like your momma but grandma says I will give birth to a carbon copy of myself and so I should not beat you when you refuse to eat but then I will beat you when you deserve to be beaten and shower praise on you all when the occasions demands.

I want you all to experience the innocence that comes with childhood; the maturity that comes with adulthood. I want you to dream dreams, explore the world, follow your passions, listen to the voice of conscience and may be one of you can be a writer more accomplished than your momma. I know you all will be brainy and intelligent like your dad and mama but I hope you do not become pushy and laud it over others. Do not worry I will not choose for you. I forget it’s not an I thing; dad and I won’t choose careers for you but if you choose to become lawyers, doctors, engineers or even a financial manager we won’t object to it.

I pray your dad and I can teach you always to smile, to be able to dance in the rain, to let Christ have a center place in your life, to teach you the frailty and shortness of your existence, the importance of family and good friends and never to give in to peer pressure. I pray we can be very good friends and that you all will be able to confide in me. I hope I would be able to teach you to be good cooks and good homemakers (I can hear you boys asking why you should learn how to be good cooks but then it comes in handy and you never can tell you might become a world class chef). I hope you my daughters grow up to be Proverbs 31 women and for my sons 1st timothy 3 men. I pray you find good wives and husbands and that when the time comes for me to let you all go I would be able to do with minimal tears and the assurance that I have done right by you all and that God is with you all.

I grew up with regular prayers and bible studies sessions and I hope to pass them to you all, bring you up, as God would want you all to be and create new family traditions. Sex was not an open topic growing up but I hope dad and I would be able to talk frankly about sex and its consequences and yes its joys within the bounds of marriage. I hope dad and I are as open as possible so that you all do not feel there is anything you cannot tell us. I also pray we can be able to keep up with you all emotionally and mentally. I hope you all grow up being able to make the right decisions; knowing when to fight for what you want and when to lay down your weapons and give peace a chance. I know it would be hard dealing with you all and if you all have a bit of stubbornness like your mama that would make it double the work. Nevertheless, I trust that you would make it easy for momma and dad to train you in the right way and that God who gave you to us will give us the enablement to do so.

We promise (I promise on behalf of your loving parents) to shower you with love and care, to give you the best out of life, not to spoil you, to teach you the importance of hard work. We promise to devote our energies to you; to spend time and attention on you; to listen to you, to teach you God’s ways and precepts; to let you make mistakes, to watch you fall and be there to help you pick yourselves up. We love you all so much and we cannot wait (I especially because I have so much to teach you and learn) to have you all.

Ride on the wings of angels and come down safely to us.

Your momma,




Cookies with Christ

please you need to download the book “cookies with Christ'”. Loving it already. Happy new year to you all.


Ever wondered what Jesus would say to you if He came visiting? Ever wanted to discuss with the Lord in the comfort of your home?

Well, Cookies with Christ details a series of thoughts stirred by an overwhelming sense of intimacy with the Christ. It highlights the Father’s wish for fellowship and reiterates emphatically the oneness that the anyone who dares to believe in the Son would receive.

Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship and in this book Jesus comes visiting with cookies to teach you about His Life.

Click here to download

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Its official the first day of the new year and I am doing cartwheels in my imagination because I am doubly grateful to be alive to see this wonderful year. I lost a couple of people the year 2014 but then God knows best. I have a lot of hopes for this New Year but first I have been doing a lot of thinking of late; asking ‘me’ some pertinent questions like what is my purpose of writing? Who is my target audience? What is my style of audience? What message do I intend to pass?

Do you want to know the truth? I do not know the answers to most of the questions I have asked. Writing found me a couple of years and ever since then we have been close. I love writing. I want to touch lives and create an impact with the words I write. I want to able to speak hope into peoples’ situations. I want to be able to write in such a way that anyone who comes across my article can relate with it. I want to write in a playful manner but still pass across a vital lesson. I want people to feel refreshed after reading my article. I want people to be able to change their lives by the words I have been given (yes given my friend says writing is a call and a ministry, so God speaks the words into our hearts and we in turn churn it out, fine-tune and make it readable). Therefore, I guess the central theme of my articles this New Year will always reflect change and hope.

I do not thinking I would be able to stop writing even if I tried. I sure do feel dejected; I do not feel like I am creating an impact. I go through my blog and check the stats and I do not see the numbers and I ask myself; ‘do people even bother to read or drop a comment.’ However, I found out of late that the numbers do not really matter, it is about touching lives one after another, and it is about passing that message of hope to one person at a time. It will be hard work but as my friend says its God’s work and at the end, it will be worth it. It is a gift and who am I to reject that which has been freely given to me.

I have not been too keen on the New Year resolutions because I hardly follow through but this time I have just one desire and that is grow deeper and closer in my walk with God, be a better person and yes I have a couple of wishes. I wish to churn out more inspiring articles, to be a better writer, to get a larger readership, possibly to commence work on a book and some other secret prayers that I pray God answers. I wish each and every one of you the very best of the year 2015.

So stay tuned for my life-changing and hope-inspiring articles as we write as the Spirit leads us (we Nigerians are used to the Spirit really leading us) while I find out what exactly is my style.

It is a New Year and we all pray and hope for a wonderful year. May it be filled with life changing experiences for good and may 2015 be a year of unlimited testimonies.