I did not want to do a post today. I was planning mega big for the New Year but I woke up this morning and I am extremely grateful to be alive to see the end of another fabulous year even though it had its own shares of ups and down. Finally, we are alive to see the end of the year 2014. Our hearts overflow with joy and we are so grateful Lord. Thank you for prayers answered and unanswered, promises kept, your everlasting faithfulness, for the gift of life, family, and friends and loved ones. Thank You for your ever-guiding presence even in the difficult situations of life. Thank you for our joys and sadness, our losses and gains, for our smiles and tears. Thank you Lord for all the times we doubted you yet You never failed us. Where do I start from or where would I even end it. Thanks, thanks, thanks that is all we can give you and even that is a gift from you. We return all You have given us and the sacrifice of praise is what your people humbly offer. Receive us and shower your blessings upon us.


If all our bodies were one mouth it would not still be enough to sing Your praises for You are worthy of all praises and in one accord we humbly say: Be thou exalted.




Its the 31st and I am very certain there will lots of partying and drinking but please easy on the alcohol. Do not drink and drive and do not drive and drink. Be extra careful today.

Say No to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.


I got this from a friend of mine—Aku Damian and I decided to share it with you all.

One day when walking down the street, along the student’s walkway,
With the screeching of tires and the grinding of brakes, rattling of drums,
Chanting and the screaming voices, was thinking hard,
On academic stress and spiritual brokenness,
The hundred cares which seems like thunder clouds about to break,
Self-pity said to me:
‘You poor thing, you have too much to do,
Your life is far too hard; this heavy load will crush you soon.”
A swift response of pity welled up within,
The burning and scorching sun seemed more intense,
The dust of puffing motors flying past, the noise of people walking pass,
Seemed to grate on my whining nerves; my weary, and troubled and fretting mind,
Could bear it no more, I thought to myself Ah! It will break and crush my spirit,
I cannot bear this constant strain of endlessly aggravating cares,
They are too great for such as I, so thus my heart condoled itself,
“Enjoying misery,” when Lo a small still voice distinctly said,
It was sent to lift you not to crush, I saw at once my great mistake,
My place was not beneath the load, but at the very top,
God meant it not that I should carry it alone, all knowing he knew of my incapacity,
Before the plan was made, He saw in me a child of His, one in need of grace,
And with the ability to serve faithfully;
In me, He saw a puny twig requiring sun and rain to grow, an undeveloped spirit,
A weak soul, whose faith was shaking, He could not help but see all this,
With tender thoughts, He placed me where I had to choose to either grow or die.
To lie and cringe beneath one’s load means death,
But life and power awaits all those who dare to rise above their burdens,
For our burdens are our wings, on them we soar higher realms of grace,
Without them we must roam forever on planes of undeveloped faith,
Oh! Paradox of Heaven, the load we think will crush us was sent to lift us up to God,
How to climb, by what can I surmount the carping cares of life?
For Lo within His WORD is found the key which opens the secret stairs,
Alone with Christ, secluded there, I unburden my load and mount His load.
I rest secure in Him.

Say No to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.


Words are the tools by which the world was made; these same words created man, those words gave birth to nature. Words can make or mar a person depending on how appreciative or depreciative it is. There are times when we desire to hear words that give meaning to our lives but most times it seems to elude us. There is power in the tongue and the words we speak. God used the spoken word to create. What are using your words to do? Do the words you speak create a better person or destroy someone else. Words when hurtful tend to inflict untold injuries to the hearts of those who these words are being spoken to.

Life they say is not fair, that is because of the unfairness of man to his fellow man.

What is your life when it cannot be used in the service of others?

What is the use of your wealth, when the next person is in need?

What is the reason behind your gift, what is the essence of your talent when others cannot feel the impact?

Your life, my life should be a replica of the life that Christ has lived. Our lives should be a testimony to the fact that Christ lives and inhabits us, that His presence is ever guiding and his touch should be felt in our touch. When we go out to carry on our daily activities our life should be an everyday journey, a journey where Christ leads and we follow, one where God is truly at work.

God is love and Love is the true essence of creation, the very thing the world needs but lacks. The thought of self has eaten deep into the very fabric of our systems; all we think about is I while the other person self is left wallowing in grief and pain. We cannot change the world by ourselves but at least we can start from somewhere, little drops of water they say make a mighty ocean. We can change our individual selves and when we have changed, we can make an impact on our families which in turn changes our communities, towns, states and countries and one by one each individual country will bring about a change in the world as a whole. The world we live in is an ever-changing one, progress is being made at a very fast pace and the tide threatens to sweep us and in spite of all the changes that is going on in the world, there is a still a void that each feels in his heart, one that we ourselves have caused and we ourselves can fill; a void that grows deeper, wider with time and space, a void left open by the icy hands of bitterness and betrayals; a void that only can be filled when we come to love one another, a love that is not bounded by limitations, a love that knows no discrimination, color, social distinction, race or language, a love that is eager to give and willing to accept.

Until we can truly say to the next person “I LOVE YOU” and mean it, the void each of us fills will never be closed. So hand in hand, we help each other grow, together we move and make a change in our own little corner and little by little the world becomes a better place for us all to live together in love.


Dear Dad

Dear dad,

I do not even know where to start from as always but let me thank you first for the gift of life without which I would not be here telling you my tales of woes. For lack of what else to do I started reading my articles and I got to a letter I had written previously to you. Did I get replies to the request? Yes, I did. I asked You to heal my friend and You took him away from this world. You know best and I am not going to question your actions, all I want to tell you is that it hurts and hurts badly. I need you to fix me lord. I am slowly slipping away from your grasp. I can feel it. I write this to you with tears in my eyes and pain in my heart.

Heal my broken spirit Lord. Save me from myself. Where I am going, I do not know. You have blessed me beyond boundaries and many a times I have taken your blessings for granted. I have literally thrown them back in your face and I am so sorry. I want to touch lives with these words I write but I feel like my own life is a big mess and it needs your powerful touch. I have become obsessed with the stats on the blog that I forget its not me doing the work but You oh Lord.

My heart bleeds from this thing called love. it has thrown me up and down and turned me into someone I do not recognize. Lord why do I keep falling for the emotionally unavailable people; why does my heart keeps getting broken and most importantly what exactly is your plan regarding that aspect of my life. I close my eyes and I expect to hear your voice clearly like the prophets of old but something tells me that You are speaking but I am just not listening or rather I do not even hear you when you speak. I have treaded this path alone for too long and this load of mine has become too heavy to carry. I have made you take a back seat in my life and remembered you when the troubles of life became overwhelming. Even praying seems like a chore these days, I start, and my mind just slips away. I find myself slipping into the habits of old and it hurts to know that I constantly hurt You by my actions. I am back Lord broken, wounded and bruised with the pieces of my heart before your court. Heal me Lord. Take over my life, restore peace to me, and be my father once more.

Give me the words to write. Be my inspiration. Do not keep silent. Be the reason why I live and breathe; the very essence of my being. Give me a cause to smile. Do not be angry with me anymore. Do not hide your face oh Lord. Speak Lord for your daughter listens.

Your prodigal daughter,



Today i watched the most amazing thing on television, it was about a woman who gave dolls and trucks to little
girls and boys around the world with a little tag that said JESUS LOVES YOU in the different languages of the world and it brought tears to my eyes (i cried from the start of the programme to the end).
It touched my heart that something as insignificant as a doll or a toy truck could actually mean so much to those little kids, that those kids without any joy in their lives, without a chance to hope or dream and their lives become so much more better because of that little gift that came from the heart of those donors.
it made me realize that the little things we count as insignificant are actually the things that matter, the things we often take for granted are in fact the most important things. We don’t need to donate 10000 dolls like the woman did but we can always lend a helping hand, that friend you know who does not have anything you can always reach out and put a smile on their faces.
I used to see myself as a generous person but today made know what generosity meant, what it meant to truly love someone as God loves us, what it meant to give from the heart without counting the cost, for true love, means sacrifice. If we give the things we don’t need any more, it does not cost us anything but when we give out of the little we have or sacrifice what we have because it puts a smile on another person’s face then we can say we have actually been generous, when we put the other person first then we can say we love that person.
I used to think that my neighbors were those known to me, those of the same race, color and breed but now i know that my neighbor is anyone in need and i am expected to extend my hands and help.
i know that it won’t be easy, there are times when the urge to think about ourselves first would be strong but i want you to remember all the good things you have and all the gifts God has given you; the very fact that you are alive is enough gift and now remember those who are not fortunate enough to have the things you and tell yourself i will help even if its a little one, little drops they say make a mighty ocean.
Will you do that?
Will you put the other person first?
Will you put a smile on another’s face?
Will you lend a helping hand?
Will you be grateful for the things you have and not mourn for the things you want but don’t need?


Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.
Let’s make an impact everywhere we go and touch lives for the better.

Paying the Bills

i have always enjoyed reading his works and I am sure you will love it too


Read on and enjoy. 

This morning I got the shocker of my life.

It was early on Sunday so I went about my pre-church duties which included a warm shower (thankfully, PHCN was supportive this morning), tweeting, calling my heart-throb Ifeoma Funke Damilola Okay! I don’t have one. My p-setting game only lands me effortlessly in Friend-zone. *Don’t you dare laugh*. Soon I shall meet my emerald of grace…

Anyways *scoffs* It was about quarter to 9 when there was a light rapping sound on my door. Someone was knocking.

Someone was knocking!!!

Someone was knocking?

But wait… I was the only one in the compound for heavens sake. The gates were padlocked. I looked at the window where I normally kept the keys. There they were.

I remembered locking the doors, the gate after my dad drove out. My folks had already gone for workers meeting…

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What exactly is the true meaning of Christmas?

What really is the message that Christmas brings?

Is Christmas all about the fanfare, noise, festivities, parties or is there more to it?

Do not get me wrong, I love Christmas but what does the birth of CHRIST mean to you, to me?

These and many more questions come to mind as we celebrate Christmas.

Christmas; a commemoration of Christ’s birth, the advent of a new star, the coming of the Light.

Christmas; a time of peace, joy and happiness, the dawning of a new world, the heralding of good tidings.

God becomes man at Christmas. He gifts us with the gift of Himself. He shares His very self, His essence with us.

Christmas is about the birth of our savior, the coming of the redeemer of the Universe, the prince of peace, the wonder-counselor who deigned to come to earth. Christmas is really a period of giving and receiving love. Love made Jesus to be born amongst men; He gives himself to us in that selfless act of love and asks us to receive Him into our hearts with love too. The birth of Christ is the beginning of new things. His birth heralds a new era for without his being born humanity would never have experienced salvation.

Christ’s birth is time for us to sit down and ask ourselves this important question: are we ready to sacrifice something for the good of the other? Jesus came to earth so that we might have life. Christ really is the reason for the season. He should be at the centre of our celebrations. All our celebrations are an empty sham if Jesus Christ is not truly born in our hearts. It’s Christmas in our hearts that puts Christmas in the air. God gives Christ as a gift to us so we too should be willing to give ourselves as gifts to others. We should also be ready to accept Him into our lives and place Him at the helm of our affairs.

This season is a season of generosity. Our gifts have no purpose if they are not given with love and affection. Our gifts begin to take shape and have meaning when God is part of the giving; when Christ is born in our hearts, lives, homes, societies, countries everyday and when we make Christmas a pattern to be followed in everyday living.

Christmas is more than a story told. It is about a birth that brings heaven right down to earth. Love came down at Christmas, broke the sacred barrier between creature and creator, and gave an eternal value to our lives. Christmas means something in so far as we welcome the Lord of Lords as He comes to us in the wonder of every human being and as He reveals himself in the value and dignity of every person with whom we live and work. The message of Christmas is one of hope that Christ has answered the call of His father and has given us the ability to cry out ABBA FATHER! This is the message we are being asked to spread.