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When we are faced with life’s problems, either we let it suppress us or we defeat it. Problems in life are often times caused by our carelessness and weakness and most times by our inability to know that there is a God up there who is willing to heal us of every pain, wipe away tears that fill our eyes, solve our problems for us and pour sunshine into our lives.

We should know that for every problem there is a solution. Every human being God has created is a solution to a problem. That is not to say that solutions to life’s problems are easy to come but all we have to do is only look a little farther, dig a little deeper, move a little nearer, search a little closer and we will see the solutions staring at us in the face. When we face our problems we all have to believe and have the determination and will power to face the problems or situations and come out the victor because an adage says: “Where there is a will, there is a way” and believe it or not the problems will sort themselves right in the right time.

Life will never be easy because nothing good comes easy; we all have to work hard to achieve whatever we want. Great achievers are those with great minds. In life everyone either great or small are all-important. Every seed sown either good or bad must surely be reaped. Life is like a ladder, we all go up and climb down, the people we meet going up are the same people we will meet coming down and so the way we treat them matters a lot because the measure we give is the measure we will in turn receive. An aphorism says that your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude; simply put hard work and determination will get you to the top but it takes character to keep you there. One thing most people do not know is that life is like a race, at one point or the other we all must fall down but what matters most is that we happens after the fall, do we stay there or do we get up. A failure is not someone who fails but someone who after failing refuses to try again. When we fall, we must stand up wash ourselves clean with the waters of determination because we are like diamonds in the mud. We must all come to terms with the realities of life that life is not without its ups and downs but we must never let the downs surpass the ups or let the downs get us down except on our knees.

You should know this and say it to yourself everyday: “There is never going to be another me so I will make the most use of myself , there is never going to be another now so I will make the best use of today, the me I see is the me I will be and if it’s going to be its up to me.. It is not over until it is over. Never give up trying when you know that something can be done. Never accept as fate a situation that you can change. Never allow others to pull you down out of a baseless desire to please them. Be confident in whatever you, stay focused because only those with focus make it Never quit until you hear the final buzzer cause quitters never win and winners never quit and above all let God be at the helm of your life.

Live life to the fullest!!!

Stay Healthy and say Yes to a peaceful country.


Its been a while and I have missed you all a whole lot. You all should not vex for me, I have been having issues getting internet connection but not to worry I will soon be stable just keep praying for me. Now to the post for today: “WHO ARE YOU?”

You often hear people say this: “do you know who I am?” (Please who are you) and you hear them say that they are the son or daughter of one popular celebrity or rich man (LOL, it’s not you who has the popularity and riches so stop bragging. Ehn you heard me right, stop bragging and get your own popularity and riches).

So who are you?

Socrates said; “Man know thyself for an unexamined life is not worth living.” I love asking friends to describe themselves in one word and you can definitely imagine the array of adjectives they manage to come up with confident, stubborn, adventurous, reliable, and the likes. You are not defined by adjectives or by what people label you to be (Most people especially parents have labeled their children to be fools, lazy people and good-for-nothing, don’t you know that there is power in the spoken words. Speak yea a word and it shall come to pass is what the bible says. Use your words to build up your family and not tear it down), you take your identity from Christ. You are a unique entity, the reason for Christ’s coming, the perfect image of God. You are different from the rest of the world for in all the world there is no one exactly like you.

It is not enough to know yourself but more importantly, we must answer this question: “who are you when no one is watching?”

Most people have different personas. When we are in church or when they are in situations where others can notice us we present the façade of being good Christians and leaders, people who can do no wrong but in the secret of our hearts and homes we are a different person altogether (Nigerians call this one ‘eye service’). Who do we think we are deceiving? Remember this God is not man to be deceived. My priest used to say that Christianity is not just a religion, it is a way of life, and the way of Christianity is one of practicality. Christianity does not just end in the church. It should extend to our individual lives, to way we interact with people and carry out business activities; to what we do outside the church when no can see us. That is what we often think that since humans cannot see then that is the end but we forget that GOD who is the all-seeing and all-knowing God discerns the secret thoughts of man.

The question of who you are, is clearly seen in Hebrews 2: 6-8; “what are human beings, O GOD that you should think of them; mere human beings, that you should care for them (Yet he does care for you)? You have made them for a little while lower than the angels (so just for a little while we have made lower so it means that in the hierarchy of heaven we are obviously higher than the angels); you crowned them with glory and honor, and made them rulers over all things.” (Ahn ahn you serve a God who loves you despite your unworthiness.)

The answer to the question comes up in 1Peter 2:9; “But you are the chosen race, the King’s priests, the holy nation, God’s own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into His own marvelous light.” You are a co-heir with Christ the son, an adopted child of God the father. Since you are all of this and more your life then should reflect Christ and be a shining example to the rest of the world.

Now you know who you are.

May God the source of hope, fill you with all joy and peace by means of your faith in Him, so that your hope will continue to grow by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Say no to insurgency and Yes to a peaceful Nigeria.Stay Healthy!!!


Weird topic right but I have been to a couple of wakes recently and it has made me to stop for a minute and ask myself if there is really a thing to be learnt from the loss of a person. Do not worry, I will be following it up with life’s lessons later this week. So keep a date with me.



Death puts an end to human life. The death of a loved one is a difficult loss to bear especially when the loved one happens to be young. We want to ask to ask God why, we want to fight death and stop its power but somehow in our grief we tend to forget that Death is an inevitable end for all human beings and the beginning of the afterlife. Coping with the loss of a friend is difficult least of all a family member but if we look inside us, we would find a well of strength we never knew existed.

Life is sometimes unfair. Death will never stop taking the people we love and cherish (plus those we feel shouldn’t be alive—names withheld but that reminds me that the same way you think someone is your enemy is the same way another think you are their enemy, so stop wishing for others to die even if you think they deserve to die). However, because we have faith we can say with all confidence as the bible puts it in 1Corinthians16:55: “Where, Death is your victory? Where, Death is your power to hurt?” You can never forget a loved one but you can live your life as a testimony to the faith both of you has shared. Words do not often convey the pain we feel when we lose people. When a person we love departs this world and we can find no comfort, its then we should remember that God knows, He sees our pain and all he is asking us to do is to drop our burdens at his feet, tell him how we feel. He alone knows how best to comfort us. He wants us to know that His hands are wide open to receive us and that He would help us through the pain. He knows what is best and that even when others leave He would always be there. He wants us to know that it will not be easy to get over the experience but he would be with us each step of the way.

What death has thought me is that life is meant for us to live without dwelling on the past no matter how painful it might have been, without thinking what the future brings or holds in store for us and without trying to change what we know we cannot change. It has also taught me that every moment in life counts, that everyone should live life to the fullest, that one day I too will depart from this life and I should not waste the short time we have worrying over trifle things and that my life should be a testimony to the fact that God dwells within me. I remember this prayer that says; Lord help me to know the shortness of my life that I may be wise.

Live your life to the fullest; savor each memory of the dear ones you have lost. Do all the things you want to achieve; be the best you can be. Make every single second of your life count, leave your mark on this world, write your name in the hall mark of fame and leave your footprints on the sands of time so that when death comes knocking as it will sure come it won’t catch you unaware. Everyone gets one life to live and wishing that the ones we have lost to the cold hands of death would come back will not bring them back. So when the pains gets to the point where you cannot handle it again, look to Him who is the author and finisher of our faith to get you through and trust me He surely will.

Say No to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria.

Psalm 23

This is actually seeing the Psalm 23 we often recite in a new different light. happy reading!


GOD, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction.

Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side. Your trusty shepherd’s crook makes me feel secure.

You serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies. You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing.

Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. I’m back home in the house of GOD for the rest of my life.

(Psalm 23 – The Message Bible)

It was coming.
Moving rapidly, keeping low to the grass, a fierce streak of black in the fading light. He didn’t have to see it or hear it to know…

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I have been away for longer than I planned and that is due to circumstances beyond my control and I do hope you my wonderful readers will forgive me.I have missed you all especially those who drop their comments. Today is the start of a new working week so may God order your steps.

When I picked up this film, I did not understand what was meant by ‘too saved’. How could a person be ‘too saved’? Was salvation not all we wanted? Wasn’t heaven our final destination, the reason why we continually strived to do good and achieve perfection? The film gave me food for thought. Let me do a brief recap of the movie: ‘Here is a Christian woman who has this boyfriend who is a street hoodlum and she prays constantly for him to accept God in his life. She gets what she wants but soon discovers that his conversion forces her to get her life in order and resolve her relationship with God.’

Somewhere in the movie, a woman tells her to be careful of what she asked God for because He might just give it to her. My momma used to say that too. We at times pick quarrels with God when He does not answer our prayers or He does not do what we ask of Him in a specific way. We forget that God knows best, He sees what we cannot see but men as insatiable as we are prefer to get our own way and she got more than what she bargained for. She wanted the boyfriend to be saved so she could tell her friends and brag to the world that she had a saved husband and yes, he was saved to the point where he put God first in everything he did and to her he became TOO SAVED. Most times, we are like the woman in the movie wanting our spouse, child, parent, or sibling to be saved not because of Christ but because we are either, an important figure in church and it tells badly on us when someone close to us is not saved.

This brings me to another point in the film, which is condoning sin. Eh, you heard me right condoning sin. Yes, we are going to get married. Ahn ahn he is a Christian and I am a Christian (my momma puts it as brother and sister in Christ) so it makes it right to get away with particular sins. My priest would say; “stay away from all occasions of sin, keep away from anything that you know will tempt you (temptation can be very strong and I know firsthand what falling into temptation can do to a person so if you are not strong like me stay away from temptation before it pulls you down). You can’t read or watch pornographic films without having impure thoughts or masturbating, same way you can’t kiss or heavy petting (which ever you like call it) without wanting to go a step further.” Back to the movie, because her boyfriend was now a Christian she felt it was right for him to sleep with her and even when he said he did not want to do so because it was fornication and he did not want to dishonor her. She told him to go on and dishonor her (you heard me right dishonor her). This was something she would not have allowed when he was a heathen but because he was saved she felt it right to allow him do so. She like many of us would rationalize it by telling ourselves we would get married to that person but observation has shown that it does not usually happen that way. I was listening to someone preach a couple of years back and he said we often whitewash sins by giving it pretty names, fornication as premarital sex, adultery as extra marital sex, stealing as pilfering, lies as deviating from the truth and the likes. Say it as it really is.

Finally, it brings me to the issue of rising after falling. We all fall down even Christ fell on His way to Calvary. That we have committed a sin does not mean that Christ cannot forgive us. The bible says that even if our sins are black as charcoal or as red as crimson that God will wash us and make us to be whiter than snow. Christ has paid the eternal price for our salvation. The race to heaven is not an easy one but God’s grace is more than sufficient. When we fall due to our sins all Christ demands is for us to pick ourselves and continue. A person cannot be ‘too saved’. Christianity is more than a religion; it is a way of life that manifests itself in practicality. It should show in the way we interact with people around us. Christ should be the essence of our lives. He should be in the center of all that we do be it reaching out to others through our way of life or evangelizing to others. The love of Christ should spur us on and not everything we do should be for others to see us and praise us for being good soul-winners but for Christ’s sake and His eternal praise and Glory. (My priest would say there is no powerful man of God, there is only a powerful God working through man.) We are all instruments in the hands of the creator and trust me He will not hesitate to use the stones if we become too proud for Him.

Let your light shine so that men may see and glorify your Father in heaven.

Be the light to show others the way to God.

Let your life be a testimony to the fact that Christ lives and dwells in you.

Be proud to be a Christian.

Let me iterate it; a person cannot be “too saved.”

 Say no to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria. Be health conscious. May God continue to pur out His blessings upon you all.



Believe in you, this is the first step to becoming great.

Believe in you for without this you cannot go on in life.

To believe in you is to accept that there is something in you that the world needs, to know that that there is a void only you can fill, a need only you can satisfy, a problem you alone can solve, a talent that only you possess and the world needs you to showcase them.

You are a unique and precious gift. It doesn’t matter if it seems that someone other than you has more blessings than you; not all fingers are equal, not all trees the same height. You must look within and discover that which makes you stand out and special. The only person you should try and be better than is the person you were yesterday. You must recover all the years you have lost in keeping your own talent buried while we did envy others of their gifts and abilities and I tell you, you will be amazed at what lies hidden inside you. It does no good if others believe in you and you do not believe in yourself . At times we tend to put ourselves down, to think we cannot do something or make it in life but I have some good news for you, You can do anything you set your mind to only if you believe in You. I love the way Olianna Portney puts it: “Never stop believing in yourself. Remember that those who have succeeded will encourage you and those that have failed will not.”

Dream it! BELIEVE it!! Achieve it!!!

Say no to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria and world at large. God bless you all. Do not forget  to drop your comments or you can send me a mail on what you want me to write about and I promise to get back to you. I will be starting a featured segment on the blog so you can send in your articles, poems and I will post them (they must be original and inspirational). Thanks for hanging out with me.



The day has just begun; the sun has refused to shine. The clouds hold for us a promise of rain but for me I hope that the sun will shine after the rain. Today brings with it all its challenges, all its ups and downs. Today comes with it all its hopes and joys, laughter and sorrows and it asks for one thing; to take one step at a time. It reminds me of the lyric of a song: “take one step at a ghghj, there’s no need to rush. It’s like learning to fly.”
We all are asked to take just one step, a step out of our shells or if you would prefer out of your comfort zone and step out in faith. LIFE won’t always be pleasant, that I can assure you of but somehow if you believe you will make it. There is no day that doesn’t have with it its own share of problems and today won’t be an exception but we should remember that God will not give us a problem that we are incapable of solving; for every problem there is a solution and the solution to your problem lies in your hand.
Every morning we are handed 24 golden hours, they are of the few things in life that we get free of charge and if you had all the money in this world you would not be able to buy an extra hour. My priest would always say 24hours in a day is the only thing we all as humans have in common, we are not blessed equally, we are not all given the same talents but 24hours is what we have and you and I have been given these equal hours in a day to right the wrongs we can right; to solve the problems we can solve; to make a change in our own little space, to put a smile on the face of someone who is fast losing hope, to help make the world a better place and I better not hear you complain that the time is not enough, be thankful for the time you have been given. God knows why He gave us 24hours a day to spend so why don’t you do your best because that’s really all He demands. He sees the effort and will bountifully reward you.
Everyday including today is pregnant with great possibilities; the much you can maximize each day determines how much you will get out of life. You can indulge in some moments of fleeting pleasure that may result in many years of pain, a moment of anger that can lead to untold destruction, and a moment of indecision that can result in loss of great opportunities. What will you do with this priceless treasure that God has given to you today? But in all you do, do that which makes you happy but listen to the voice of conscience , to the music of your heart and that little voice in your head screaming to be heard and you won’t go wrong. Trust God, believe in yourself (I can’t over emphasize the importance of believing in yourself), have a faith that situations will always right themselves and my dear the end of today would see you a different person from who you were at the start.
It’s time to SEIZE THE DAY with both hands!!!

Do have yourselves a lovely day. Say no to insurgency and YES to a peaceful Nigeria. May God enrich you with blessings from on high. Stay Healthy!!!