So Cruel A People!

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Why the chaos and destruction?
Why can’t there be peace everywhere?
Man was created peaceful they say,
But what I see is nowhere near.
I hear religion tames the wildest heart,
But no,
I’ve not seen a justification.
Instead, it’s used as a reason,
To destroy the innocent,
To turn children orphans overnight,
To turn parents childless within a second,
To deprive us our loved ones,
To deny the dead a proper death,
The tall trees so green and pure,
The birds chirping on them so sweet,
The sunset so beautiful,
The cool breeze caressing the face,
The rain drops so soothing and clear,
But no!
Someone somewhere won’t feel it no more…
Oh my God!
Someone somewhere just lost a father,
A mother, a brother, a sister,
I don’t know what to say,
But this is just unfair.
Someone somewhere just lost a child,
A friend, a partner, a…

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